WorldClient template page descriptions

The following is a list, and a brief description, of all the Views that should be considered for a custom theme.

Logon.html - The Logon view is shown to users when they are not within a continuing session. This is the only view that is not contained in individual Themes directories. “Logon.html” must be placed in “...\WorldClient\Templates”. This View contains the necessary Tags for logging in a user and creating a unique session ID.

Main.html - Sets the frame set for WorldClient.

List.html - Used for displaying the user’s Message Listing, and for managing the messages within their mail folders.

Menu.html - Builds the menu (or Navigation Bar) for navigating throughout WorldClient Pro.

Message.html - Used for displaying individual messages.

Compose.html - The Compose View is used for composing Email messages.

Compose-Advanced.html - This template is similar to “Compose.html” but contains several additional features that users may use when composing messages. Uses the same tags as the Compose View.

Compose-Attach.html - Used for attaching files to messages. Uses the same tags as the Compose View.

Compose-SpellCheck.html - Spell checked messages are displayed on this page.

Options.html - This template is used as a gateway to the other Options Views.

Options-Prefs.html - Used for displaying and editing the user’s preferences.

Options-Hosts.html - Used for displaying and editing the User’s Mailbox entries.

Options-Filters.html - Used for displaying and editing Filters.

Folders.html - Displays a list of the user’s message folders, along with controls for Creating, Deleting, and Renaming them.

AddrBook.html - Displays the user’s Address Book, which is used for managing Email addresses and for inserting those addresses into Email messages.

AddrLookup.html - LDAP lookup template used to add recipients to outgoing messages.

Error.html - Used for displaying error messages to the user.