Improved Error Manangement - Holding Queue

Improved Error Manangement - Holding Queue

MDaemon now has a new queue - the 'holding' queue. The purpose of this queue is to receive any messages which cause software exceptions during AntiVirus, AntiSpam, or Content Filter processing. If a software error occurs during the processing of messages the messages will be moved into the holding queue and not delivered. When messages are placed into the holding queue they stay there until the administrator takes some action.

A button and menu option to process the holding queue were added to the GUI. Processing or 'Re-Queue'ing the holding queue content will shuffle all the messages into either the remote or local queues for processing. If the error which caused the messages to be placed into the holding queue still exists the messages will just be routed right back into the holding queue. 'Release'ing the content of the holding queue will deliver the problem messages regardless of any error which might occur. A warning box is provided when 'Release'ing the queue since doing so could potentially introduce messages into the mail stream which did not properly filter through the Content Filter, AntiSpam and/or AntiVirus engines.

A system for configuring notifications related to the holding queue was added to the the Queues menu selection in the GUI. Note that if these notifications themselves cause software errors they may not be delivered to remote recipients, but local recipients will work fine. Notifications are sent to the configured parties at MDaemon startup, the first time a message is placed into the holding queue, and once every XX minutes thereafter until either the queue is emptied or the notification mechanism is switched off.

Note: when the SpamAssassin.dll file fails to be initialized or is otherwise hosed (which can happen from time to time) MD will no longer switch off the Spam Filter. Also, the message normally sent to postmaster when this occurs has been changed to only send if the holding queue mechanism is inactive.

Additional Comments

This requires MDaemon 9.x or higher.