How to create Spam filters in WorldClient

This article explains how to configure WorldClient so that spam filters may be configured by your users.

You can configure WorldClient's templates so that your users may set up spam filters if desired.

First, use MDaemon's spam blocker. To access this, you can click on

  1. Security.
  2. Spam Blocker.

Enable the first two options on this page to enable the spam blocker and have MDaemon accept but flag messages that are from known blacklisted sites.

Open the options-filters.html file in a text editor for each theme that you use in WorldClient. This file is located in WorldClient\Templates\(template-name)\.

In each file you will see the following:


After the last option there, just add another option as follows:

Save each file after editing it and restart WC.

To set up the filter, your users will simply need to visit the Filters menu in WorldClient's options. If they set the filter up to move spam to another folder, please be warned that this folder may become huge over time.