MDaemon spam trap filter folder

MDaemon spam trap filter folder

A new option for dealing with spam was added in MDaemon 7.2. You can now elect to have spam placed into a 'Spam Trap' public IMAP folder. When this option is added spam emails are flagged as spam but rather than allowing them to route through to your users they are all placed into the 'Spam Trap' public IMAP folder. By default only the postmaster has access to this public IMAP folder.

At midnight each night MDaemon will email the postmaster telling him the number of messages in the spam trap folder. 

Additional Comments

In MDaemon 9.5+ a feature was added called 'Spam Traps' but this is for email addresses that are bait for spammers.  Emails to 'spam trap' accounts in 9.5+ are automatically fed to the bayesian learning process as spam.