MDaemon AntiVirus errors out on each message

MDaemon AntiVirus is giving an error on each message it processes.  How can I stop this error from occuring?

An important file that MDAV needs to process mail was not being downloaded and installed correctly during a routine AntiVirus update. To ensure your mail server is working properly, please manually update the AntiVirus database.

  1. Open MDaemon.
  2. Navigate to Security | AntiVirus.
  3. Select the AntiVirus Updater tab.
  4. Click Update AV Signatures Now.

Be sure to check for messages that may have been quarantined and place them back into the queues for processing and delivery. The quarantine by default is located in C:\MDaemon\Cfilter\Quarant but may be different for your installation.

  1. Use Windows Explorer to navigate to C:\MDaemon\BadMsgs.
  2. Delete or move all the files in this directory.
  3. Use Windows Explorer to navigate to C:\MDaemon\Cfilter\Quarant.
  4. Move all the *.msg files from this folder directly to C:\MDaemon\localq.
  5. Start MDaemon if it is not already running.
  6. Let MDaemon delivery the messages in the localq. Note: Messages that were destined for non-local users will be placed into the bad message queue.
  7. Once the localq messages have been processed, open C:\MDaemon\BadMsgs with Windows Explorer.
  8. Move all the *.msg files from this folder directly to C:\MDaemon\remoteq. This will put all the non-local mail into the remote queue for delivery.

Note: If you are running a MDaemon version prior to 7.0, the messages will just sit in the local queue if they are not bound for a local user. You can move them with Windows Explorer per the instructions above - just move the messages from C:\MDaemon\localq to C:\MDaemon\remoteq.