Customizing Spam Filter points per Spam Blocker match

In some cases, users like to give more weight or importance to specific Spam Blocker hosts over other Spam Blocker hosts. The following instructions will allow you to add a set number of points to the Spam Filter score based on what Spam Blocker host has a hit on the email.

First, change the ''message’’ field for each RBL host under Security | Spam Blocker | RBL Hosts tab to just the name of the RBL. For example, change the ''message’'; for SPAMCOP to ''SPAMCOP’’.

Set up rules in SA looking for each of those RBL names in the X-RBL-Warning header, and add points based on each.

As an example, add these lines to the \MDaemon\SpamAssassin\Rules\local.cf file to assign points for each RBL:


header SB_SPAMCOP X-RBL-Warning =~ /SPAMCOP/i
describe SB_SPAMCOP: MDaemon Spam Blocker Reports SpamCop Match
score SB_SPAMCOP 2.0

header SB_SPAMHAUS X-RBL-Warning =~ /SPAMHAUS/i
describe SB_SPAMHAUS: MDaemon Spam Blocker Reports SpamHaus Match
score SB_SPAMHAUS 3.5

With this approach you can add weight to specific RBL hosts easily.


Additional Comments

After editing the local.cf, be sure to restart MDaemon or place a blank file called cfilter.sem into the MDaemon\app directory so that MDaemon sees the change.