(FAQ) What are Winmail.dat attachments and how can MDaemon process them?

A winmail.dat attachment may appear when viewing messages in Webmail when clients send you messages composed using Microsoft's proprietary Rich Text Format in Outlook.  This format is only understood by the Microsoft Outlook client.  We recommend that Outlook users compose their messages using either HTML or Plain Text formatting. 

However, MDaemon has the ability (versions 18.0 and above) to extract attachments out of messages that contain a winmail.dat file and remove the winmail.dat file from the original message.

To enable MDaemon to extract attachments from and handle winmail.dat files:

  1. Open the MDaemon configuration session.
  2. Select Security
  3. Select Content Filter
  4. Select Compression
  5. Check the Extract file attachments from winmail.dat (Outlook RTF) messages checkbox.
  6. Click OK

For more information regarding the winmail.dat file, please visit the following website: