WorldClient will not open when running via IIS

WorldClient will not open when running under IIS. The user experience is a ‘download file’ dialog box in the browser on any computer that tries to open WorldClient.  

This is caused by having the Execute Permissions in IIS set to “scripts only.” You will need to modify the execute permissions to ''Scripts and Executables.”

Please note that the following is here for informational purposes only. Support questions about IIS should be directed to Microsoft. We are not liable for any problems when using this information.

  1. Open the Internet Information Systems MMC console.
  2. Right click on the web or folder that contains the WorldClient.DLL file.
  3. Choose Properties.
  4. Under the Directory tab, change Execute Permissions to equal “Scripts and Executables.”
  5. Press OK.

Now attempt to login to WorldClient again.