Bayesian Learning Information

Bayesian Learning Information

Bayesian classification is a mathematical process through which machines really and truly can learn. By passing known spam and known non-spam through a Bayesian classifier our software gets better and better at recognizing both types of mail. SpamAssassin is able to utilize the output from the Bayesian learning tool and add/subtract scores as the rules dictate. Think of this as a way to 'train' SpamAssassin on what spam and non-spam mail look like. Since we built the stand-alone command line tool, SpamAssassin can now be trained very quickly rather than in real time. Overnight SA can be fed months/years worth of knowledge if you have big spam folders. Each night at midnight, MDaemon runs an automatic learning program that reads each of the spam and non-spam messages you have fed it. This way, MDaemon gets a little bit better in detecting spam and non-spam every day.

The Bayesian process will not kick in until 200 spam and 200 non-spam messages have been fed to it to ensure accuracy. 

Additional Comments

For MDaemon versions 7 through 9.08, bayesian scoring will only need 25 messages of each type to begin taking place.