All mail showing up as spam

All mail is being stopped by the spam blocker/DNS Blacklist or flagged as spam – even if it’s not spam.

 Example from the MDaemon log:
Accepting SMTP connection from [ : 1115]
--> 220 example.com ESMTP MDaemon 6.8.4; Wed, 27 Aug 2003 10:01:04 -0500
Spam Blocker is checking (connecting IP)
* relays.osirusoft.com - failed to pass
* bl.spamcop.net - passed
Spam Blocker is finished
--> 250 doh.com Hello XXXX, pleased to meet you
<-- MAIL FROM: user01@example.com
--> 250 <user01@example.com>, Sender ok
<-- RCPT TO: <user02@example.com>
'Recipient unknown' given to divert future spam
--> 550 <user02@example.com>, Recipient unknown

If you are using version 6.0-7.2.5 of MDaemon:

  1. Click Security.
  2. Click Spam Blocker.
  3. Click on the Spam Blocker Hosts tab.
  4. Select the 'relays.osirusoft.com', mail from $IP$ refused, see relays.osirusoft.com.
  5. Click Remove.
  6. Select the 'relays.ordb.org', mail from $IP$ refused, see 'ordb.org/faq'.
  7. Click Apply.
  8. Click OK.

If you are using version 8.0 or above:

  1. Open the MDaemon interface
  2. Select the Security menu
  3. Select DNS Black Lists
  4. Click on the DNS-BL Hosts tab
  5. Select the line that starts: 'relays.ordb.org'
  6. Click Remove
  7. Click Apply
  8. Click OK

Additional Comments

As of August 26, 2003, Osirusoft has blacklisted all IP addresses so every message will be shown as spam if you use their black list. 

As of December 19, 2006, ORDB.org has shut down and they should also be removed from your Blacklist settings.

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