(FAQ) How do I acquire a Software License Renewal?

How do I acquire Software License Renewal?

To purchase Software License Renewal:

  1. Find the license key for your product.You can find the license key for MDaemon by using the MDaemon administration program.

    To do this:
    1. Go to MDaemon’s administration window.
    2. Select the Register your Alt-N Products... command from the Help menu. This displays the Registration Details dialog.
    3. Click on the MDaemon tab. This displays information about MDaemon, including its license key.
    4. Record the license key.
    5. Use the Cancel command button to exit from the Registration Details dialog.
  2. Open a web browser to http://www.altn.com/Purchase/Software/UpgradeProtection/.
  3. This displays a web page for entering your license key.
  4. Enter your license key and choose the upgrade options you wish to review: increase the amount of users on your license, renew the Upgrade Protection, or both.
  5. Click View Prices