Access Control List

Access Control List

Access Rights

Email address

From the drop-down list, choose the MDaemon account that you wish to grant access to the shared folder.


After choosing an Email Address from the list, and the access rights that you wish to grant to the user, click Add to add the account to the list.


To modify an existing Access Rights entry, select the entry, make any desired changes to the Access Rights, and then click Replace.


To remove an entry from the Access Rights list, select the desired entry and then click Remove.


With the Import feature you can add the members of an existing Mailing List to the list of users with Access Rights. Choose the access rights that you wish to grant to the users, click Import, and then double-click the desired list. All of the list’s members will be added to the list with the rights that you set.

Access Rights

Choose the rights that you wish to grant to individual users by clicking the desired options in this area and then clicking Add for new entries or Replace for existing entries.

You can grant the following Access Control Rights:

Lookup (l) – user can see this folder in their personal list of IMAP folders.

Read (r) – user can open this folder and view its contents.

Write (w) – user can change flags on messages in this folder.

Insert (i) – user can append and copy messages into this folder.

Create (c) – user can create subfolders within this folder.

Delete (d) – user can delete messages from this folder.

Set Seen Flag (s) – user can change the read/unread status of messages in this folder.

Administer (a) – user can administer the ACL for this folder.

Post (p) – user can send mail directly to this folder (if folder allows).


Click Help to display a list of the access rights and their definitions.