How to receive a catalog file from MDaemon

The following instructions will assist you in retrieving a catalog file from MDaemon.

We have setup a Catalog with the following information:

Catalog Name = Test
Catalog Password = 1111
Catalog Magic Name = footer
File to 'GET' = C:\MDaemon\app\footer.txt

  1. You will need to send an email message to MDaemon@yourdomain.com. You do not need to place anything in the Subject field of this email.
  2. In the body of the message you will need to type:
    GET test footer (1111)

By using the following format:
Get catalog magic-name (password)

MDaemon retrieves a file from the specified catalog, MIME encodes it in an email message, and sends that message to the originating account or to the one specified in a RESULTS TO directive. If the specified catalog has no password assigned to it, then the [password] portion of the command must be left blank.