Account Manager Dialog

Account Manager Dialog

Account management

Account List

Above the Account List you will see two statistics regarding the list. The first number is the total number of MDaemon user accounts that currently exist on your system. The second number is the number of those accounts currently displayed in the Account List. Which accounts that will be displayed is contingent upon what you have chosen in the Show Only Accounts From This Domain control. If you have selected “All Domains” then all of your MDaemon accounts will be displayed in the list.

Each Account List entry lists the Domain to which it belongs, the Mailbox, the “Real Name” of the account holder, and the Mail Directory in which the account’s messages are stored. This list can be sorted in ascending and descending order by whichever column that you prefer. Click any column heading to sort the list in ascending order by that column. Click the column again to sort it in descending order.

Only show accounts which..

Choose “All Domains” from this drop-down list box to display all MDaemon accounts. Choose a specific domain to show only that domain’s accounts.


Click this button to open the Account Editor in order to create a new account.


Select an account from the Account List and then click this button to open it in the account editor.


Select an account from the Account List and then click this button to delete it. You will be asked to confirm you decision to delete the account before MDaemon will proceed.

Show more accounts

The account list will only display 500 accounts at a time. If there are more than 500 accounts in the domain that you have chosen then click this button to display the next 500. See the note above for instructions on how to increase the maximum number of accounts that may be displayed.


Click this button to quickly move to the top of the Account List.


This opens the OPEN dialog from which you can choose a text file to import accounts from. This button is identical to the Accounts|Import|From a text file… menu selection.

New account defaults

Click this button to open the New Account Defaults dialog.

Creating an MDaemon User Account

Create a new MDaemon user account by clicking the new account button on the toolbar or New on the Account Manager (page 206). This will open the Account Editor for configuring the account. You can designate default settings for new accounts by using the New Account Defaults dialog.