How to publish a calendar in Outlook using the Publish to WebDAV Server feature

MDaemon's CalDav services support Outlook's "Publish to WebDAV Server" feature to upload a local Outlook calendar to the user's MDaemon profile.

Note - This feature is currently unavailable for MDaemon versions 18.5 and 19.0.  Please contact technical support for issues with these versions.
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Follow the steps below to configure this in Outlook.

  1. Login to the Webmail client of the account to link the calendar to.
  2. Select Calendars
  3. Right click on the calendar.
  4. Select Share Folder
  5. Select the Private Access tab.
  6. Copy the URL path to the calendar.ics file.
    • In this example, the URL is
    • The IP address in this example is not important.  The Outlook client must be able to reach the URL used.
    • Do not include the calendar.ics or the token value in the path.
  7. Open Outlook
  8. Select Calendars
  9. Select Publish Online
  10. Select Publish to WebDAV Server...
  11. Paste the URL path in the Location text box.
  12. Select Full Details in the Detail drop down section.
  13. Select OK to connect to the MDaemon server.
  14. Enter the email address and password for the account.
  15. Select OK
  16. Outlook will ask to Send a Sharing Invitation email, select No.
    • Use the URL in the Private Access section in Webmail to share out the calendar.