How to enable and use the built-in XMPP chat client in Webmail

In MDaemon 18.5, the WorldClient and LookOut themes feature a browser-based XMPP client that lets users instant message without needing to install and run the MDaemon Instant Messenger desktop application or another XMPP client application.

Admins can enable or disable instant messaging per domain using the Domain Manager, per account using the Account Editor, or per group using the Group Manager. It operates on ports 7070 (HTTP) and 7443 (HTTPS).

This feature will not connect successfully if there is a self-signed certificate running under the web-server and is not supported at this time.

To enable the feature:

  1. Login to Webmail
  2. Select Options
  3. Select Personalize
  4. Check the Enable MDaemon's Instant Messaging feature in browser option.
  5. Click Save

When enabled and connected, click the chat icon next to the displayed user-name to bring up a side bar in the browser that contains contacts and options to send instant messages.