Configuring TCP/IP on MAC OS8

This article describes the necessary steps to configure TCP/IP on MAC OS8.  This is necessary to be able to send mail to and receive mail from MDaemon.

  1. Click the Apple icon from the menu bar.
  2. Go to Control Panel.
  3. Double click the TCP/IP icon.
  4. When you see this folder, click on the Connect Via box and choose Ethernet Built In.
  5. In the Configure box choose Manually.
  6. In the IP Address section, type in your IP address (Ex:
  7. Set the Subnet to your network subnet (ex:
  8. Set the Name Server Addr to the IP address of the MDaemon machine (ex:
  9. Close the window.

Once you have launched an application that uses the TCP/IP stack (e.g. Netscape), you can test your network by pinging this machine from your windows gateway. (On the Windows machine, go to the Dos prompt and type: ping (ex: If you get a reply, then it's working.

For more information on Macintosh configuration options, go to:

OS 8: http://www.chasms.com/


Additional Comments

This is for a NON DHCP network.