How to export/import groups/distribution lists to a MDaemon account's contact list using WorldClient

WorldClient running on MDaemon version 17.5 now has the ability to import and/or export groups or distribution lists.  

The steps below will show how to do this and the correct format WorldClient uses to import/export this data.

  1. Login to WorldClient
  2. Select Options (the gear icon)
  3. Select Folders
  4. Next to the contact folder, there will be Import and Export options.
  5. Select the properly formatted comma separated value (CSV) file from the client machine.
  6. Choose Groups in the "Click the Import button to import the file." menu.
  7. Select Import
  8. WorldClient will display the contacts having been imported.
  9. Close the window

WorldClient uses a specific format for uploading groups/distribution lists.  Listed below is an example of the formatting. 

Group GUID,Group Name,GUID,Full Name,Email
,The Jedis,,Anakin Skywalker,ani@jedi.mail
,,,Leia Organa,leia.organa@jedi.mail
,,,Luke Skywalker,luke.skywalker@jedi.mail
,The Siths,,Darth Maul,darth.maul@sith.mail
,,,Darth Vader,darth.vader@sith.mail
,,,Emperor Palpatine,emperor.palpatine@sith.mail 

Copy the above text, paste into an empty text file, and rename example.csv.   This file can also be viewed in any spreadsheet software that supports CSV files.

Uploading this file in WorldClient, will add two distribution lists to your contact list, The Jedis and The Siths, with the email addresses associated with each group name.