How to sync personal, public, and/or shared calendars, contacts, and/or tasks to Outlook using the CalDav Synchronizer

The Outlook CalDav Synchronizer is a free, third-party Outlook plug-in that supports connections to MDaemon's CardDav and CalDav servers.  This tool will allow any Outlook profile to sync personal, public, and/or shared calendars, contacts, and/or tasks.   

Click here for more information on the Outlook CalDav Synchronizer 
Click here to download the plug-in through SourceForge

Once the CalDav Synchronizer has been installed, open the Outlook Profile and follow the steps below.

These steps can be performed again to sync any calendar, contact list, task list, and/or note the user has access to.   

  1. Select the CalDav Synchronizer plug-in
  2. Select Synchronization Profiles
  3. Select the Plus icon to create a new item to sync
  4. Enter a desired name for the item
  5. Click the ... button next to Outlook Folder and choose which Outlook folder to use.
  6. Check Synchronize items immediately after change if desired.
  7. Enter http://mail.domain.com/.well-known/webdav in the DAV Url text box.
    • Replace htto with https if secure connections are utilized.
    • Replace mail.domain.com with the FQDN or IP address to the MDaemon server.
    • If you are not running WorldClient under port 80, you'll need to add : and the port number after the FQDN or URL
      For example, http://mail.domain.com:3000/.well-known/webdav
  8. Enter the MDaemon username in the Username field (the email address).
  9. Enter the MDaemon password in the Password field.
  10. Enter the MDaemon email address in the Email address field.
  11. Select Test or discover settings to bring up another window displaying the list of available items to sync.
    For example, if you've chosen a Calendar item as the Outlook Folder this window will display all personal, public, and shared folders the user can choose from.

    Please Note - Once chosen, the plug-in will replace the DAV Url with the actual path the service uses, do not change it back after selecting the server item.
  12. Leave Outlook <--> Server (Two-Way) selected as the Synchronization Mode (unless a one way sync option is desired).
  13. Choose the Synchronization interval (in minutes).  The default value is 30 minutes and the quickest value is 5 minutes.
  14. Click OK to close the window