(FAQ) How can I connect my MDaemon Webmail account to my Dropbox Account?

The following article applies to MDaemon versions 17.0 and above. 

If Dropbox integration has been enabled for your account, you can follow this article to connect your MDaemon account to your Dropbox account using Webmail.  This article will also show you how to save attachments from Webmail messages to your Dropbox Account and how to compose messages in Webmail that contain clickable links to Dropbox files. 

Please contact your server administrator if you are unsure if Dropbox integration has been enabled for your account.

Connect to a Dropbox account in Webmail

    1. Open a browser.
    2. Navigate to the Webmail login page using a secure (https) connection.
      • For example; https://mail.domain.com
      • A secure connection to Webmail is required for Dropbox integration.  
      • Contact your MDaemon administrator for more information on using HTTPS with Webmail.
    3. Login to the MDaemon account.
    4. The following will be displayed at the top of the browser:
    5. Select Go and the browser will load the Cloud Apps menu.  
      • This menu can also be accessed by selecting the Options icon and clicking on Cloud Apps
    6. Review the instructions and select the Setup Dropbox button.
    7.  Once finished the page will refresh and provide options for the connected Dropbox account.

Saving attachments to Dropbox

    1. Open an email with an attachment, there will be a Dropbox logo next to the attachment name.  
    2. Click on the Dropbox icon
    3. A pop-up will appear and ask to save the attachment in the MDaemon_Attachments folder in the Dropbox account.
      • Click Do not ask me again to permanently dismiss the notification.
      • Please note - The MDaemon_Attachments folder name cannot be changed in MDaemon 17.
      • If the MDaemon_Attachments folder does not exist, it will be created.

Linking Dropbox attachments to a message composed in Webmail

    1. Compose a new message in Webmail.
    2. Click the Dropbox icon to open a new window that will display the available Dropbox folders.
    3. If you are prompted to login to your Dropbox account, please do so.
    4. Select the file(s) to be added to the message and click Choose.

    5. The file(s) will appear as clickable links in the message body.
    6. Selecting the link will take open a browser to the Dropbox item, where the file can be viewed/downloaded/shared.
      • The amount of control one has over the link depends on the type of Dropbox account.