MDaemon 17.0.x - Enable Public and Shared Folder sync for ActiveSync accounts

MDaemon released ActiveSync client support for syncing public folders in MDaemon 13.6.0 and syncing shared folders in MDaemon 14.0.0.

This article explains how to enable both Public and/or Shared folder syncing when ActiveSync is enabled in MDaemon.

**NOTE - While MDaemon supports syncing these folder types, the behavior of accessing shared folders via the ActiveSync client can vary.  Not all clients are capable of handling this data.

  1. Select Setup
  2. Select Mobile Device Management 
  3. Select Client Settings in the ActiveSync for MDaemon tree
  4. Enable ActiveSync to include public folders by selecting Include public folder hierarchy.
  5. Enable ActiveSync to include shared folders by selecting Include shared folders.
  6. Click Ok