MDaemon 17.0 - Moving MDaemon to a new server or OS using the same directory path

The following article will provide instructions on moving MDaemon 15.5 and above versions to a new server or operating systems in cases where the directory path will not be changed.

**NOTE - If you're running the MDaemon BlackBerry Enterprise Sever, please pay special attention to the **NOTE(BES) comments to move the BES database to the new server/OS. 

**MDaemon administrators running accounts in an Open Database (ODBC) - Please change the account database type back to the USERLIST.DAT file before following these steps.  Once MDaemon is running on the new server/OS, feel free to configure account data back in an ODBC database.

  1. The system service will need to be removed if MDaemon is running under the SYSTEM account.

    • Select Setup
    • Select Preferences
    • Select Windows Service
    • Select Remove Service 
    • Click OK 
    • Click OK
    • Select Yes 
    • MDaemon will now restart running as an Application.

**NOTE(BES) If the BlackBerry Enterprise Server is running on the MDaemon server and you wish to move the BES database as well
Click here to view the article to backup the BES database

      Follow the next steps to stop BES and SQL Servers when we shut MDaemon down later in the article.
    1. Select Setup
    2. Select Mobile Device Management
    3. Select BlackBerry Enterprise Server
    4. Select Settings 
    5. Check Stop BlackBerry services when MDaemon Stops
    6. Check ...also stop SQL 'MDaemon' database service 
    7. Click OK


  1. Follow the next steps to deactivate MDaemon and any other MDaemon plug-ins.
    Deactivation is necessary to avoid any potential activation issues.

    To deactivate your Alt-N Software

    • Select Help
    • Select Activate Your Alt-N Software
    • Select Deactivate MDaemon... 

    • The SMTP, POP3, IMAP, and WorldClient servers in the Servers section of MDaemon will turn red (inactive). 

    • Proceed to deactivate any additional MDaemon plug-ins that are activated on the server. 
  2. Shut down MDaemon


  1. Open Windows Explorer and copy the entire MDaemon directory to the same directory on the new server. 

    **NOTE(BES) It's very important that the directory paths remain the same when backing-up/restoring the BES database.
    **NOTE(BES) The original \MDaemon\BES directory will need to be renamed as the database will be restored in a later step. 

    In this example, the folder was renamed to BES_OLD. 

  2. Install the same version of MDaemon that was installed on the previous server.
    **NOTE(INSTALL)The server configuration, user directories, and other modifications are NOT changed when running the installer.Click here for prior versions of MDaemon
  3. Start MDaemon on the new server/OS to complete the moving process 
    **NOTE(BES) At this time you can restore the BlackBerry Enterprise Server Database
    Click here for the article to restore the BES database
    Click here for the BlackBerry Enterprise Server download page