How Mailing list mail is different than regular email

How Mailing list mail is different than regular email

Incoming 'Mailing List' mail is addressed differently from general Email. Normally 'list' mail will have the name of the list in the To: message field and not the intended recipient.

If you were receiving mail via SMTP, MDaemon could use the RCPT TO: command in the SMTP envelope to determine which user is to receive the message and appropriately route mail. Since you are using POP to retrieve email from the ISP or mail host, MDaemon never gets the RCPT TO: information. With DomainPOP, MDaemon has to make a 'best guess' to determine where the message should go. (With MultiPOP it doesn't matter as the messages are directly placed in the users' mailbox).

Mail Servers are not required by RFC to provide recipient information in the received headers, so most don't.

There are a couple of options for configuring MDaemon here.

In order for your MDaemon user to receive their 'list' mail, you will need to *alias* the list name to the user's MDaemon account. The aliasing feature in MDaemon is found under

  1. Click Accounts.
  2. Click Address Aliases.

If several of your MDaemon users are subscribed to the *same* mailing list, instead of using the *alias* feature, you will need to set a *routing rule*.

For example:

If address equals = then route message to user01@example.com, user02@example.com, and user03@example.com.

The *routing rules* feature in MDaemon is found under Setup|DomainPOP Mail Collection|'Routing Rules' tab.

Alternatively, you could ask the ISP to stamp a 'Delivered to:' header in all the mail. Then you could add that as a header for MDaemon to parse under Setup|Domain POP Mail Collection|Parsing