IP Cache

IP Cache

Caching Options

Automatically cache uncached domains

This switch governs MDaemon’s internal auto-caching engine. If you want MDaemon to cache domains automatically then enable this option. If you want to build the IP Cache yourself, then clear this checkbox.

Clear cache at each processing interval

If selected, the entire contents of the cache will be flushed at the start of each mail session. This allows the cache to be refreshed at each processing interval.

Default time to live

This is the default value in minutes that an entry in the IP Cache can survive. Once the entry has been in the IP Cache for this number of minutes, MDaemon will remove it. If you want to set a permanent entry in the IP Cache then designate the Default Time To Live as 9999 in which case the entry will never expire.

Maximum cached entries

This value determines how large the cache may be. Once this setting has been reached, the next cache entry will bump the first one out of the cache.

Currently Cached IPs


Select an entry in the Current Cached IP’s window and then click this button to remove it.

No cache

Click this button to bring up a list of domain names and/or IP addresses that you never want MDaemon to add to the IP Cache.


This button will flush the cache.

Add New IP Cache Entry


Enter the domain name that you wish to add to the IP cache.


Enter the IP address that you wish to add to the IP cache.


Once you have manually entered a domain name and IP address, click this button to add them to the cache.