How to configure CalDAV in an existing IIS environment that is running Webmail

MDaemon versions 15.5 and above contain support of the CalDAV protocol.  This article will run though the steps needed to run CalDAV in an existing IIS environment that is currently running Webmail.

This setup requires the URL Rewrite to have been installed to IIS.

Note: The setup of CalDAV under IIS is NOT supported by MDaemon technical support.  Those who choose to run any MDaemon related protocol or service under IIS must be aware of all security issues and ramifications of running any applications under IIS. It is recommended that all patches and updates be installed on IIS before the installation of MDWebDAV.dll as an ISAPI.

  1. Launch IIS
  2. Select the Webmail (WorldClient) site
  3. Double click URL Rewrite
  4. Select Add Rule(s)...
  5. Select Blank rule
  6. Click OK
  7. Fill in the following information:
    • Name: MDWebDAV.dll
    • Requested URL: Matches the Pattern
    • Using: Exact Match
    • Pattern: .well-known/caldav
    • Action Type: Redirect
    • Redirect URL: webdav/caldav
    • Redirect Type: Temporary (307)

  8. Click Apply
  9. Right click on the WorldClient site
  10. Select Add Application
  11. For Alias use: WebDAV
  12. For Physical Path: \MDaemon\WebDav
  13. Click OK
  14. Select the new WebDAV application
  15. Double click on Handler Mappings
  16. Select Add Script Map
  17. For Request path use wildcard: *
  18. For Executable use: C:\MDaemon\WebDAV\MDWebDAV.dll
    • Verify the path is correct if MDaemon was installed in another directory path.
  19. For Name use: MDWebDAV
  20. Select button Request Restrictions
  21. Select the Access tab
  22. Select Execute
  23. Click OK
  24. Click OK
  25. Select YES to allow ISAPI extension