Message Router Display

Message Router Display


MDaemon’s Message Router automatically appears at the program startup and gives you important information regarding MDaemon’s resources, statistics, active sessions, and queued mail waiting to be processed. It also contains controls for easily activating/deactivating MDaemon’s various servers. The Message Routers frames keep you up to date on how the server and its incoming and outgoing connections are performing.

Statistics and Tools

The default left pane of MDaemon’s main interface contains two tabs: Tools and Stats. The Tools tab contains an entry for the Primary Domain and each Secondary Domain. Under each entry there is a shortcut to the various dialogs that can be used to configure that domain’s settings and users. The Stats tab contains three sections: Statistics, Queued Mail, and Servers. Click any of the controls in a section to select the given control and then right-click to open a shortcut menu relevant to that control.

The Statistics section contains statistics regarding the number of messages sent and received by MDaemon as well as the number of mail sessions that have been initiated since startup. This section also tells you how many user accounts have been used and how many more can be created. Statistics contains two right-click shortcut menus: one for the Accounts controls and one for the Statistics controls. The Accounts shortcut menu provides shortcuts for creating, editing, and deleting accounts. The rest of the controls have a shortcut menu that can be used to clear the count listed next to the given control.

The Queued Mail section contains an entry for each message queue, and the number of messages (if any) that each queue contains. Each control’s shortcut menu can be used to process the queue and to open the Queue and Statistics Manager, which can be used for viewing, copying, or deleting the contents of the queue, as well as a number of other functions.

The Servers section contains an entry for each server within MDaemon, and each entry lists the current state of the server: 'Active' or 'Inactive'. Listed below each entry is the port on which that particular server is listening, if that server is currently active. The shortcut menu provides a control for toggling each server between the Active and Inactive state.

Message and Event Tracking Frame

The default right-hand pane of the main interface contains several tabs. They display the status of MDaemon’s various servers and resources and are frequently updated to reflect current server conditions. Each SMTP/POP/IMAP session and other server activity is logged onto the appropriate tab once it is complete so that a visible record of network activity is made available. The information displayed on these tabs is mirrored in the log files kept in the Logs directory, if you have chosen to log such activity.

The Message Router contains the following tabs:

System – At program startup, the System tab displays a log of the Initialization Process, which can alert you to possible problems with MDaemon’s configuration or status. It also displays activity such as enabling/disabling any of MDaemon’s various servers.

Report - Displays a report of the last week's email sent and received, spam received and blocked, etc.

Routing – Displays the routing information (To, From, Message ID, and so on) for each message that is parsed by MDaemon.

Content Filter - Displays the content filter activity of messages being processed.

AntiVirus - Displays the AntiVirus activity of messages being processed. Each message that is scanned is logged to the screen.

AntiSpam - All spam filtering activity is shown on the AntiSpam tab.

WorldClient – Displays WorldClient’s session activities.

Plug-ins - Displays any plug-in activity.

Mail - This tab displays a tab for each type of mail acitivity.(SMTP in, SMTP out, IMAP, POP, MultiPOP, DomainPOP, LDAP, and RAW)

SMTP(in) – All inbound SMTP activity is displayed on this tab.

SMTP(out) - All outbound SMTP activity is displayed on this tab.

POP – When users collect email from MDaemon using the POP3 protocol, that activity is logged here.

IMAP – Mail sessions using the IMAP protocol are logged on this tab.

RAW– RAW or system generated message activity is logged on this tab.

MPOP – This tab displays MDaemon’s MultiPOP mail collection activities.

DPOP – This tab displays MDaemon’s DomainPOP activity.

LDAP - All LDAP acitivty is logged to this tab.

Active – This tab displays an entry for each active connection to MDaemon. Whether SMTP, POP, IMAP, WorldClient, or other type of connection, information about that connection is displayed here.