How to sync calendars to BlackBerry OS10 devices via CalDav

MDaemon versions 15.5 and above contain support of the CalDAV protocol.  This allows all MDaemon servers running 15.5.0 or above the ability to sync calendars to various clients that support CalDAV.  BlackBerry's OS10 supports CalDAV.  The steps to sync calendars are detailed below.

Verify the CalDAV services are enabled in MDaemon. 

  1. Select Setup
  2. Select Web & IM Services
  3. Select CalDAV & CardDAV (the menu will be called CalDAV for MDaemon 15.5.x)
  4. Verify Enable CalDAV & CardDAV server is checked (the option is called Enable CalDAV server for MDaemon 15.5.x)

On the Blackberry device:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Select Accounts

  3. Select Add Account

  4. Select Email, Calendar, and Contacts

  5. Select the Advanced Settings icon (above the keyboard)

  6. Select CalDAV

  7. (Optional) Enter a Description
  8. Enter the MDaemon Email address in the Username field
  9. Enter the MDaemon Email address in the Email Address field
  10. Enter the MDaemon Email address password in the Password field
  11. Enter http://mail.company.maili/.well-known/caldav for the Server Address
    • Enter https:// if using SSL on the MDaemon server for WorldClient
  12. Choose a Sync Interval (the default value 30 minutes)
  13. Tap Done