SAM/Active Directory account importer

SAM/Active Directory account importer


PDC/BDC Machine name

This field allows you to specify the machine name from which MDaemon will read account database information. You can specify \\ and MDaemon will read data from the local machine.


Click this button to refresh the Domain's Accounts listing.

Windows Domain Name

Type the Windows domain name from which you wish to import accounts.

MDaemon Domain Name

Choose from the drop-down list box the MDaemon domain into which the accounts will be imported.


Windows accounts

This window contains a list of all the account names collected from the Windows account database.

Selected accounts

This window contains all the account names that you have selected and wish to import.


Click this button to move the highlighted account names from the “Windows Accounts” window into the “Selected Accounts” window.

All >

This control will add all accounts to the selected accounts window to be imported.


Click this button to remove the highlighted entries from the “Selected Accounts” window.


Make account mailboxes equal to the SAM/AD account name

Click this switch to force each imported user’s Windows account name to be used as their Mailbox value. With this method, you will not need to worry about setting up the correct New Account Template macros.

Use the account template to generate passwords

This switch causes MDaemon to generate passwords for imported accounts using the account template settings.

Set account passwords equal to account names

This switch causes MDaemon to use the account name as the account password.

Make every password equal to…

This switch allows you to specify a static password value that will be used by all imported accounts.

Authenticate passwords dynamically using SAM/AD

This switch enables dynamic authentication of imported accounts. Rather than specifying a password MDaemon will simply authenticate the mail client supplied USER and PASS values using the Windows database in real-time.

Authenticate on this Windows domain

Enter the name of the Windows domain that MDaemon will use when authenticating connections dynamically. This is not the machine name of the domain controller. It is the actual name of the Domain.

Import Selected Accounts

Clicking this button will cause MDaemon to import all of the accounts listed in the Selected accounts window.