How to enable ActiveSync debug, XML, and/or WBXML logging by device or account (MDaemon 15.x)

Follow these instructions to enable debug, XML, and/or WBXML logging for trouble-shooting ActiveSync accounts as well as instructions on submitting this information to technical support.

To enable ActiveSync debug logging:

1. In MDaemon, click Setup | Mobile Device Management | ActiveSync | Options

2. In the 'Log Level' drop-down box, select (1) Debug logging.

3. Click OK


To enable XML or WBXML debug logging:

1. In MDaemon, click Accounts | Edit Account

2. Double-click the account for which you want to enable XML/WBXML logging.

3. Select ActiveSync Devices

4. Select the affected device from the "Select device" drop-down box.

5. For XML logging: In the "Log XML" drop-down box, select Yes.

6. For WBXML logging: In the "Log WBXML" drop-down box, select Yes.

7. Click OK


After reproducing the issue with debug logging enabled, please obtain the following files:

1. A copy of this file:  \MDaemon\Logs\AirSync-YYYYMMDD.log

2. A copy of this file:  \MDaemon\WorldClient\AirSync.ini

3. All of the files in this folder:  \MDaemon\Logs\AirSync\(current date)\(username)


Compress all of those requested files/folders into your preferred container file (zip/rar/7z/etc..) and rename the file with your e-mail address.


Upload the container file to our FTP server using the credentials below:

Server:  ftp://smtp.altn.com

Username:  Uploader

Password:  incoming

After successfully uploading that file to our FTP server, please notify the technician that is handling your case.