(FAQ) Why Does my MDaemon Icon Change Colors?

Why does my MDaemon icon change colors?

Whenever the MDaemon server is running, its icon will be visible in the system tray. However, apart from simply letting you know whether or not the server is running, the icon is also dynamic and will change colors based upon the current server status. The following is a list of the icon indicators:

White - All okay. No mail in local or remote queues.
Blue - All okay. Mail in local or remote queues.
Yellow - Available disk space below threshold. See Disk tab on Miscellaneous Options.
Red - Network is down, dialup failed, or disk is full.
Green - This is the system tray icon for a MDaemon Configuration session.
Icon Blinking - A newer version of MDaemon is available.

Additional Comments

When accessing the MDaemon server via Terminal Service or Remote Desktop you may not be able to see the actual MDaemon server icon. You will need to start an MDaemon Configuration session to access the GUI (Go to the programs menu and just run 'Start MDaemon' again).