MDaemon 14.5.x - How to send/receive encrypted mail in WorldClient using RPost

MDaemon 14.5.0 includes an ability to submit encrypted mail using a third-party service called RPost.

RPost in WorldClient can allow a user to submit a message to RPost for encryption and delivery.

Using a free RPost account, each user is limited to sending/receiving 10 encrypted messages per month. Additional messages can be purchased through RPost (see Related Articles below for details). 

To enable RPost

  1. Log in to WorldCent
  2. Select Options
  3. Select Compose
  4. Check the Enable RPost option.
  5. Click Save

To submit an encrypted message using RPost

  1. Compose a new message, reply, or forward as normal.
  2. Select Send via RPost
  3. Select Encrypt
  4. There are two options in regards to setting an encryption password.
    • Enter an encryption password.

    • Have one generated for you by selecting RPost generates password.

  5. (optional) Select Receive proof of content & time of replies to this email
  6. (optional) Enter Client/Reference Code

  7. Click Send

When opening an encrypted message sent via RPost

  1. The encrypted email will be attached via PDF file.
  2. Open the attached PDF file.
  3. Enter the pre-arranged password conveyed to you from the sender

To submit a secure reply

  1. Select the Secure Replay Click Here button in the top right of the attached PDF.
  2. This will open a web browser and provide a means to submit an encrypted reply. 

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