Introducing SecurityGateway 5

Like all SecurityGateway releases, the developers at MDaemon Technologies continue to add new customer requested features and enhancements. Here is a quick overview of just some of the features end users and IT administrators will find helpful. A more comprehensive list of all new features and enhancements can be viewed in the SecurityGateway for Email Servers Release Notes.

SecurityGateway 5

Location Screening

SecurityGateway for Email Servers - Location Screening

SecurityGateway's new Location Screening feature allows administrators to block incoming SMTP and remote administration connections from unauthorized countries. Exceptions can be made for connections from whitelisted IP addresses.

Terms of Service Statement

SecurityGateway for Email Servers - Terms of  Service Statement

In order to assist with compliance to laws such as the General Data Protection Regulation in the EU, administrators can now add a Terms of Service statement which must be accepted by users by checking a box each time they login.

Other Improvements

  • LetsEncrypt logging will now include additional details that will make it easier to troubleshoot. The log will include a URL to that will help explain why challenges fail.

SecurityGateway 4.5

Encrypt, Track/Prove, and E-Sign with RMail

SecurityGateway for Email Servers - Encrypt, Track/Prove, and E-Sign with RMail

Integrated RMail features from RPost provide seamless encryption, track & prove, and e-signing services.

RMail provides the following services:
  • Track your important emails and know precisely when they're delivered and opened.
  • Proof of Delivery, Time, and Exact Content.
  • Easily encrypt sensitive emails and attachments for security or legal compliance.
  • RMail makes it easy for all parties to e-sign and complete a transaction. delivered and opened.

Prevent Sending of Sensitive Data

SecurityGateway for Email Servers - Data Leak Prevention

A variety of new data leak prevention rules have been added, allowing administrators to prevent employees from sending email messages containing sensitive information such as credit card numbers, Social Security numbers, and other types of sensitive data outside of company security policies.

Access to Free Certificates

SecurityGateway now supports "Let's Encrypt," a certificate authority service that uses an automated process to provide free certificates for Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption for secure websites

Assign Message Size Limits on Per-Domain Basis

SecurityGateway for Email Servers - Per-Domain Message Size

Message size limits can be assigned globally or on a per-domain basis for added flexibility in multi-domain environments.