Introducing Security Gateway 8.5

Like all Security Gateway releases, the developers at MDaemon Technologies continue to add new customer requested features and enhancements to meet the latest email security and compliance needs for businesses, whether they're using cloud hosted or on-premise email servers. Here is a quick overview of just some of the latest features end users and IT administrators will find helpful. A more comprehensive list of all new features and enhancements can be viewed in the Security Gateway for Email Servers Release Notes.

Security Gateway 8.5

Secure Messaging Web Portal

With the new Secure Messaging portal, administrators can create content filter rules, data leak prevention rules, and sieve scripts to scan email messages for sensitive content. These messages are stored on the Security Gateway server, and can be viewed by the recipient over an encrypted connection via the new Secure Messaging web portal. Secure message recipients may also optionally compose new secure messages to a pre-defined list of local users.

Microsoft (Office) 365 Integration App

Security Gateway’s new Office 365 app allows users to mark email messages as spam or non-spam from within Office 365.

Hybrid Network User Mail Routing

User-based mail routing allows Security Gateway to be deployed in a hybrid environment where email can be routed to specific mail servers or cloud mail services on a per-user basis. This is useful for environments in which email for some of a domain’s users is hosted on cloud services while email for other users is hosted on on-premise mail servers.

Performance Counters

Performance counters have been added to make it easier for administrators to monitor Security Gateway using third-party tools.

Password Strength Meter

A password strength meter has been added to help encourage use of stronger passwords when adding or modifying user accounts.

Security Gateway 8

Enhanced Data Leak Prevention - Medical Terminology

Security Gateway for Email Servers - Data Leak Prevention - Medical Terms

Security Gateway's Data Leak Prevention feature now includes a list of medical terms, with a pre-configured score assigned to each. Administrators can modify these scores, or add their own medical terms. Messages are scanned for matching terms and the sum of the scores for all terms found is calculated. The specified action (administrative quarantine, encrypt) is performed on messages for which the final score exceeds the defined threshold.

Change / Audit Logging

Security Gateway for Email Servers - Change / Audit Log

The new Change/Audit log allows administrators to review any changes to Security Gateway’s configuration settings, along with who made them.

Per-domain Archive Export

SecurityGateway for Email Servers - Per-Domain Email Archive Export

Security Gateway’s archiving feature now includes the ability to export all archived messages for a domain and compress them into a .zip file that can be downloaded to the desktop.

Active Database Replication for Improved Protection Against System Interruptions

SecurityGateway’s clustering service now supports active database replication for improved failover/redundancy. For additional details, please see the Security Gateway release notes.

Support for Custom Scripts During Message Processing

The ability to run a custom process/script during message processing has been added. Administrators can specify an action based on the result of the script. For more information, please see the Security Gateway release notes.