SecurityGateway for Email Servers
- Administrator Options

SecurityGateway for Email Servers offers flexible protection with simple, easy-to-use settings for trouble-free administration. Administrative features help automate processes such as adding domains and users.

Available in Multiple Languages

SecurityGateway for Email Servers - Multiple Languages

SecurityGateway has support for several languages and includes a per user language option that allows system generated messages sent to the user to be translated to a pre-determined language. A default value may be applied on a server and individual domain basis.

Supported Languages

Flexible User Interface

SecurityGateway for Email Servers - Dashboard

The web interface uses a mobile-first responsive design that is based entirely on the size of the screen being used. Whether the user is on a phone, tablet, or PC, the appearance is the same for the various screen sizes. The intuitive interface design makes it easy for administrators to monitor messaging traffic, administer SecurityGateway's settings, and troubleshoot issues.

Domains and Users

SecurityGateway for Email Servers - Domains and Users

SecurityGateway's per user and per domain options permit both global and custom configurations.

Per User Options

Global and domain administrators can configure user-specific settings.

Automatic Domain and User Creation

SecurityGateway for Email Servers - Automatic Domain and User Creation

Allows for nearly hands-free maintenance of the domain and user base.

User Verification Source Options

SecurityGateway for Email Servers - User Verification Source

User Verification Source Options allow response caching and user re-verification to be configured.

Global and Domain Administrator Settings

SecurityGateway for Email Servers - Domain Administrator Settings

Administrators can be designated globally or per domain. Global administrators have access to all of SecurityGateway's settings, while domain administrators have access to settings for their assigned domains only. The dashboard for domain administrators displays data for the administrator's assigned domain, while global administrators can view statistics for all domains via the dashboard.

Unlimited Account Aliases

SecurityGateway for Email Servers - Aliases

Aliases can be defined for a domain with the assumption that all of the domain's users are valid for any given domain alias - useful if a domain has registered multiple domain names, e.g.,,, etc.

Multiple Domain Mail Handling

SecurityGateway for Email Servers - Multiple Domain Mail Handling
  • SecurityGateway maintains a list of which email needs to go where and delivers it per your specifications
  • POP3 mailbox collection allows mail for a domain to be collected from a POP3 mailbox - mail will be collected and parsed among valid recipients of specified domains
  • Disclaimers can add simple headers or footers to messages; for instance, add a "---Message scanned by SecurityGateway for Email Servers---" footer to all messages

Per-Domain IP Addresses

SecurityGateway for Email Servers - Per-Domain IP Addresses

Each domain can be bound to a specific IP address (for servers that have multiple IP addresses). Mail from a specific domain will be sent from its assigned IP address.

Per-Domain Message Size Limits

SecurityGateway for Email Servers - Per-Domain Message Size

Message size limits can be assigned globally or on a per-domain basis for added flexibility in multi-domain environments.

Email Archiving

SecurityGateway for Email Servers - Email Archiving

Security Gateway's email archiving features provide a fully indexed and searchable repository of all messages sent and received - for both administrators and end users, with advanced search and options for downloading archived messages or restoring them to the mailbox.

Message Quarantine Options

SecurityGateway for Email Servers - Message Quarantine Options

SecurityGateway's flexible quarantine configuration options can be configured to hold quarantined messages on the server, or to allow the mail server or client to filter quarantined messages. Administrators can grant users access to manage their own quarantines.

Domain Level Access

SecurityGateway for Email Servers - Domain Level Access

Domain administrators can view quarantined messages for their domain and take appropriate action on selected messages. Quarantined messages can be released for delivery to their intended recipient, or immediately deleted.

User Level Access

SecurityGateway for Email Servers - User Level Access

Users can view their own message quarantines and take action on selected messages. Messages can be blacklisted or whitelisted, released for delivery, or deleted.

Encrypt, Track/Prove, and E-Sign with RMail

SecurityGateway for Email Servers - Encrypt, Track/Prove, and E-Sign with RMail

Integrated RMail features from RPost provide seamless encryption, track & prove, and e-signing services.

RMail provides the following services:

  • Track your important emails and know precisely when they're delivered and opened.
  • Proof of Delivery, Time, and Exact Content.
  • Easily encrypt sensitive emails and attachments for security or legal compliance.
  • RMail makes it easy for all parties to e-sign and complete a transaction. delivered and opened.

Access to Free TLS Certificates

SecurityGateway supports "Let's Encrypt," a certificate authority service that uses an automated process to provide free certificates for Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption for secure websites

Database Maintenance

SecurityGateway for Email Servers - Database Maintenance

The SecurityGateway database can be backed up automatically at regular intervals. Backups can include the entire database, or only configuration data. Backed-up database files can easily be restored as needed.

Disclaimer Available in Headers and Footers

SecurityGateway for Email Servers - Disclaimer Available in Headers and Footers

Message disclaimers can be dynamically added above or below the body of inbound, outbound, and local email messages.

Private Account Options

SecurityGateway for Email Servers - Private Account Options

Administrators can grant users permission to perform various tasks, such as modifying their own passwords or adjusting their own quarantine settings.

Individual Whitelists and Blacklists

SecurityGateway for Email Servers - Individual Whitelists and Blacklists

Individual whitelists and blacklists allow users to allow or block email from selected addresses or domains.

Individual Message Logs

SecurityGateway for Email Servers - Individual Message Logs

Users can whitelist and blacklist message senders, and view the status of their messages via their own message logs.

Quarantine Management

SecurityGateway for Email Servers - Quarantine Management

Users who have been granted access to their quarantines can view their quarantined messages and take actions on them. Messages can be released for delivery, deleted, marked as spam or not spam, or whitelisted.

Terms of Service Statement

SecurityGateway for Email Servers - Terms of  Service Statement

In order to assist with compliance to laws such as the General Data Protection Regulation in the EU, administrators can add a Terms of Service statement which must be accepted by users by checking a box each time they login.