RelayFax Network Fax Manager - Key Features

RelayFax Network Fax Manager makes sending and receiving faxes from your desktop simple and efficient. RelayFax supports a wide variety of environments and configurations, including support for SSL and TLS, Direct Inward Dialing (DID) routing support, and support for TWAIN compatible devices such as scanners and digital cameras. Many types of fax modems are supported, or you can send and receive faxes without a fax modem using Fax-Over-IP (FOIP).

Fax Over IP Support (FOIP)

RelayFax Network Fax Manager - FOIP (Fax-Over-IP)

Send and receive faxes over the Internet without the need for a fax modem.

SSL And TLS Support

Communication with the email server can be encrypted using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) or TLS (Transport Layer Security).

Powerful And Versatile Fax Engine

RelayFax Network Fax Manager - Fax Engine

RelayFax is equipped with a fax engine that supports many fax modems and Error Correcting Mode (ECM). Its redesigned Modem Configuration interface provides options for controlling COM port baud rate, flow control, fax baud rate, speaker activation, volume, and more.

TWAIN Compatible

RelayFax Network Fax Manager - TWAIN Devices

Supports TWAIN devices such as scanners and digital cameras. This allows faxing of scanned images and digital photos.

Supports ISDN Devices

RelayFax Network Fax Manager - ISDN Devices

RelayFax supports CAPI 2.0 (ISDN) devices, and has been tested with both single and dual channel ISDN cards.
Supported Devices

Direct Inward Dialing (DID) Routing Support

RelayFax Network Fax Manager - Inbound Fax Rules

With support for DID routing, you can associate DID fax numbers with specific users, and configure RelayFax to automatically route faxes to them based on the DID information received. Inbound routing rules allow you to define actions based on DID information received. RelayFax can be configured to accept calls when they are directed only to valid DID numbers-incoming calls to any other numbers will be ignored.

* These features require DID capable hardware.

Compatible With A Wide Range Of Fax Boards

RelayFax now supports faxing via many Mainpine, Dialogic (formerly Brooktrout), Commetrex, Comtrol, and Natural MicroSystems fax boards.
Supported Boards

Receive And Route Faxes Based On Distinctive Ring

RelayFax Network Fax Manager - Distinctive Ring

Through support for distinctive RING code recognition, you can designate which fax device you want to answer incoming calls. For each modem you can specify RING1, RING2, and/or RING3.

Fast And Flexible Fax Database

RelayFax Network Fax Manager - Fax Database

Information about incoming and outgoing faxes is stored using XML, which is efficient and fast.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

RelayFax Network Fax Manager - OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Options

RelayFax includes Optical Character Recognition (OCR), which provides the ability to read and distribute incoming faxes automatically, based on content.

MDaemon Integration

RelayFax Network Fax Manager - MDaemon Email Server Integration

RelayFax is supported completely by the MDaemon email server. When used in conjunction with MDaemon, you can import your user accounts into RelayFax automatically by simply clicking on a button on the Account Settings screen.

MDaemon Webmail Integration

RelayFax Network Fax Manager - MDaemon Webmail Integration

Send faxes directly from within MDaemon Webmail (MDaemon's Web-Based Email Client), to leverage web-based faxing capabilities, and more.