MDaemon Connector for Outlook
Formerly Outlook Connector for MDaemon

MDaemon Connector for Outlook - Calendar Share

End users who want to use Microsoft Outlook as their preferred email client can do so with our MDaemon Connector feature. MDaemon Connector for Outlook provides groupware and collaboration functionality by connecting the MDaemon Email Server with the Outlook client to use Outlook's email, calendar with free/busy scheduling, address book, distribution lists, tasks, and notes.

MDaemon Connector Guidelines

For optimal performance and compatibility of MDaemon Connector with your email environment please review the general recommendations and deployment considerations listed below.

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Outlook Collaboration

MDaemon Connector for Outlook - Calendar Share

Share Outlook messages, calendars, contacts, distribution lists, notes, tasks, and more using MDaemon as the mail server. Use the familiar tools of Outlook without learning a new groupware application. Calendar sharing is easy with MDaemon Connector. Users can assign custom access rights to allow others to view, add, change or delete appointments, and with free-busy integration, users can schedule meetings and events while avoiding scheduling conflicts.

Maintain Outlook Features

MDaemon Connector for Outlook - Enable

MDaemon Connector works with popular Outlook features, including message grouping and search folders. Additions or changes made in Outlook are synchronized in real-time on the server without requiring the user to perform manual synchronization. It supports Outlook's delivery confirmation and "Send Immediately" functions. MDaemon Connector is easy to install and set up on both MDaemon and Outlook

Enterprise Class Collaboration for Small- and Medium-Sized Businesses

MDaemon Connector for Outlook - IMAP Connection

Large business collaboration features without complex and expensive professional IT support requirements. Simple to install, configure, and maintain without the need for extensive computer background or expensive certifications. MDaemon Connector uses Industry standard SMTP and IMAP protocols to make operations reliable.

Easy Maintenance

MDaemon Connector for Outlook - Accounts
  • Enable sharing by server or domain
  • Add users individually or in bulk
  • Automatically add Outlook users on first use
  • Keep contact lists up to date
  • The default settings of MDaemon Connector create an easy entry point for beginners
  • Detailed configuration options provide fine-tuning controls for experienced users and IT professionals

Out-of-Office and Mail Forwarding Assistant

MDaemon Connector for Outlook - Out-of-Office Assistant

MDaemon Connector's Out-of-Office Assistant makes it easy to create and enable vacation messages or auto-responders. You can enter a start and end date to automatically enable and disable your auto-responder. You can also enable mail forwarding to forward messages to one or multiple email addresses.

Apply Sharing Permissions

MDaemon Connector for Outlook - Folder Permissions

Options for sharing vary from only showing the availability of the information to allowing complete control to add, change and delete. When setting up sharing permissions, you can apply the permissions to the current folder and, optionally, all of its subfolders.

Mark Messages as Spam/Non-Spam

MDaemon Connector for Outlook - Mark Messages as Spam/Non-Spam

Use the thumbs-up and thumbs-down buttons to flag messages as spam or non-spam. Flagged messages are fed to MDaemon's Bayesian Learning engine, which helps train the spam filter to become more accurate over time.

Advanced Settings

MDaemon Connector for Outlook - Advanced Settings

MDaemon Connector's advanced settings include SSL, TLS, and SMTP Authentication settings for secure email communications.

Small Business Licensing and Pricing

MDaemon Connector for Outlook - Calendar  View

Licensing and pricing designed for flexibility and affordability. MDaemon Connector for Outlook includes one year of Software License Renewal, providing free upgrades to the latest product versions for the duration of the Software License Renewal term.

Multilingual Support

MDaemon Connector is localized in multiple languages. When using system-level folders (such as Drafts, Calendar, and Contacts) MDaemon Connector users see these folder names in their selected language, while Administrators of MDaemon see the names in the same language used by MDaemon.

MDaemon Connector Guidelines

For optimal performance of MDaemon Connector with your email network please review the general recommendations and deployment considerations listed below. The list represents issues which should be considered prior to deployment. It should not be taken as definitive or complete, and we always recommend testing the products in your own environment to ensure that compatibility and features work as required prior to purchase.

View these guidelines and additional install instructions as a PDF:
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Deployment Considerations

  • The MDaemon Connector Outlook plug-in requires Windows 7 or newer and Outlook 2013 or newer to function properly.
  • Users with large mailboxes may experience reduced performance using MDaemon Connector in comparison to using an IMAP or POP3 account. This is most noticeable when opening Outlook, when large folders are accessed for the first time, or when accessing the Journal folder.
  • Compatibility with third party Outlook plug-ins and mobile device synchronization software cannot be guaranteed. MDaemon Connector does not make use of PST files. Compatibility with any software which requires PST files should be checked prior to purchase. In some cases, adding an empty PST file to the MDaemon Connector profile may help.
  • S/MIME encoded (digitally signed) emails are not currently supported in MDaemon Connector.
  • Outlook's search folders will only reflect changes to items if Outlook has been re-started.
  • Outlook custom forms and custom template files (.OFT) are not currently supported by MDaemon Connector.
  • The Activities tab for Contacts may not work or may cause Outlook to hang (on very large profiles).
  • Roaming users should relocate their MDaemon Connector cache files (LocalCache.db) on a network share so that the data does not roam with their profile.

General Use Recommendations

  • We recommend using the latest version of MDaemon Connector on both the MDaemon server and the latest MDaemon Connector plug-in on the client.
  • We recommend using MDaemon Connector with MDaemon 16 and above.
  • We recommend disabling all Outlook plug-ins except the MDaemon Connector plug-in
  • Regular defragmentation of the MDaemon server's hard disk is recommended. Server performance can be further improved by reducing the amount of logging MDaemon is doing (Setup | Server Settings | Logging | Settings) along with moving the Logs folder and User, Public and Queues folders to a physically separate disk.
  • We recommend periodically purging and compacting the MDaemon Connector database file.
  • The local MDaemon Connector cache file should be excluded from realtime scanning by third party desktop antivirus applications. By default, the local MDaemon Connector cache is located C:\Users\(username)\AppData\Roaming\Alt-N\Outlook Connector 2.0\Accounts\(Profile Name)\(email address)\LocalCache.db
  • Outlook should only be configured to use HTML or Plain Text format for sending emails. Depending on the version of Outlook you are using, these settings can usually be found via Tools | Options | Mail Format tab. Outlook should not be configured to use Word as its email editor or to use Rich Text Format (RTF). Both of these methods result in emails which do not adhere to Internet standards.
  • We recommend configuring MDaemon Connector's Send/Receive tab (located under the Account button in the MDaemon Connector toolbar) to only check the Inbox folder for new items at each Outlook send/receive interval.
  • We recommend configuring the Send/Receive schedule to check for new mail every 3 minutes.

Note: If you are planning to import data from a PST file, make sure to run scanpst.exe on the file first and compact the folders to help prevent corrupted messages from being imported into the MDaemon Connector profile. Scanpst is located under C:\Program Files\Common Files\System\MSMAPI\1033 and comes with Outlook. Note that multiple passes with Scanpst may be needed.

Note: Remove invalid characters ( ~ # % & * { } / \ : < > ? | " ) from Outlook folder names prior to importing.

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