ActiveSync for MDaemon: BlackBerry Setup

MDaemon Email Server now includes support for Microsoft's ActiveSync, which is a separately licensed over-the-air (OTA) ActiveSync (AirSync) server. ActiveSync provides synchronization of a user's default and shared email, calendar, and contact data between their MDaemon/Webmail account and an ActiveSync capable device.

ActiveSync for MDaemon installs along with MDaemon but it is a separate product from MDaemon and will only run as a trial for 30 days. The trial begins when you install MDaemon and enable ActiveSync for the first time.

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NOTE: If you are upgrading MDaemon from an earlier version and have previously purchased an ActiveSync license, your current key will work for MDaemon 13.5. Beginning with MDaemon 14, the ActiveSync license will need to be renewed.

Enabling ActiveSync in MDaemon

MDaemon - ActiveSync

In MDaemon, ActiveSync can be enabled via a checkbox under the Setup | Mobile Device Management | ActiveSync menu.

NOTE: ActiveSync is a web-service extension and will not work if your web server (such as Webmail) is not running on port 80 (for http) and/or port 443 (for https). ActiveSync will not work on other ports.

BlackBerry 10 Setup

    WARNING: When you enable ActiveSync for MDaemon the first time:
  • This action may wipe your existing contact and calendar data and replace it with your MDaemon data. Please keep in mind, you will be prompted before a wipe occurs. Due to this possibility, be sure you have a complete back up of your device before synchronizing the first time. You can consult your device's manual for instructions on how to back up your device.
  • All first time syncs with ActiveSync will be a one way sync from the server to the device! After the initial syncronization, the sync will become two way.
  • ActiveSync is a web-service extension, and will not work if your web- server (such as Webmail) is not running on port 80 (for http) and/or port 443 (for https). ActiveSync will not work on other ports.
ActiveSync for MDaemon: BlackBerry Setup
  1. Choose Settings.
  2. Within System Settings choose Accounts (Setup email, contacts, calendar).
  3. You'll see an Add Account window.
  4. Use a swipe gesture to hide the keyboard and reveal the Advanced option at the bottom of the screen, then select it.
  5. Choose Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync.
    • Note: It's important that your 'Username' value is only the bit before the @ sign in your email address as the BlackBerry will construct the logon name it sends to MDaemon using both the 'Username' and 'Domain' values you provide.
    • If you've configured MDaemon ActiveSync to run over http:// rather than https:// the 'Port' value should be changed from 443 to 80.
    ActiveSync for MDaemon: BlackBerry Setup
  6. Fill in the following fields in the Add Account dialog:
    • Description: Name it anything you like (example: MDaemon ActiveSync Account).
    • Domain: The 'domain' portion of your Email address (example:
    • Username: The 'user' portion of your Email address (example: user01).
    • Email Address: Your full Email address (example:
    • Password: Your Email password.
    • Server: Your server name (example:
    • Port: Your MDaemon ActiveSync Port (example: 443).
    • Use SSL: Choose On or Off (ask your MDaemon Administrator).
    • Use VPN: Off.
    • Push: On.
    • Synch Interval: Manual.
    • Synch Timeframe: 30 Days is fine.
  7. After completing these steps, you should be able to send and receive email successfully.

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