WorldClient (MDaemon's Web-Based Email Client)

MDaemon - WorldClient - WorldClient Theme

WorldClient (MDaemon's Web-Based Email Client) provides easy access to your inbox, calendar, contacts, tasks, notes, and documents from the office, home, or any location that has Internet connectivity. It's automatic update feature makes it easy to maintain. Provided free with MDaemon Messaging Server, WorldClient sends and receives messages from any connected computer, smartphone, or tablet using a web browser such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari. It runs on computers equipped with Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux and supports SSL conections.

WorldClient (MDaemon's Web-Based Email Client)

This video provides an overview of WorldClient, MDaemon's browser-based email client.

Share and Collaborate

MDaemon - WorldClient - Share Folders MDaemon - WorldClient - Free/Busy Calendar Scheduling

The MDaemon Messaging Server stores messages and groupware collaboration data on the email server, thus centralizing all business content. MDaemon's WorldClient allows you to share email folders (including sub-folders), calendars with free / busy scheduling, contacts, distribution lists, tasks, notes, and documents between users. Uses Unicode UTF-8 Output.

Personalize WorldClient

MDaemon - WorldClient - Out-Of-Office AutoResponder MDaemon - WorldClient - Compose Options

WorldClient users can enter personalized signatures, set up "out of office" messages, flag messages, compose messages in plain-text or HTML (including images), spell check with its local customizable dictionary, activate the Handicap Accessible Reader, configurable their own Time Zon, and much more.

WorldClient Multi-Language Support for Your Global Users

MDaemon - WorldClient - Select Language

WorldClient can be displayed in over 25 different languages, ensuring that your offices around the globe can communicate in their native languages.

Automatically Organize Messages

MDaemon - WorldClient - Message Filtering

Users can also create unlimited personal folders and sorting filters, enabling WorldClient to automatically organize your messages on the fly. Filtering rules can be created based on the message sender, recipient, size, content, and more.

Message Categories

MDaemon - WorldClient - Categories

WorldClient (LookOut and WorldClient themes ) has category selections for easy sorting and identification of email messages. Messages can be sorted by category, and multiple categories can be assigned to a message. Authorized users can create their own custom categories in addition to using the built-in categories.

Email Encryption (Email Security)

MDaemon - WorldClient - Email Encryption

Email messages and attachments sent via WorldClient can be encrypted using Virtru. Virtru encryption can be enabled within the "Compose" section of WorlClient's "Options" settings. Once the service is established, it allows users to send and receive encrypted email and attachments between themselves and intended recipients. Click here to learn how to setup Email Encryption for MDaemon

Identify and Confirm Message Authenticity to Prevent Spearphishing (Email Security)

MDaemon - Email Server - OpenPGP

MDaemon's OpenPGP features can now verify embedded signatures found within messages to prevent Spearphishing. This helps the recipient ensure that the message is authentic. WorldClient will display an icon or text label for verified messages. WorldClient will also display labels for messages with valid DKIM signatures, messages decrypted by OpenPGP, and messages signed with an OpenPGP key.

Two-Factor Authentication (TFA) (Email Security)

MDaemon - WorldClient - Two-Factor Authentication (TFA)

Two-Factor Authentication (TFA) can make users more secure when strong passwords may not have been implemented. WorldClient users who enable Two-Factor Authentication will be required to enter a verification code before they can have a logged in session. This feature can be used with any client that supports Google Authenticator (available in the Google Play store).

One-Step Drag and Drop Email Attachments

MDaemon - WorldClient - Drag and Drop Email Attachments

MDaemon's webmail feature allows you to select multiple files and attach them to a message via a simple drag and drop method for greater productivity. This functionality is supported in both the "WorldClient" and "LookOut" themes using HTML5 enabled browsers, such as Chrome or Firefox. Attachments are sortable, searchable, and can also be printed along with an email.

Easily Search Folders

MDaemon - WorldClient - Keyword Search

MDaemon's WorldClient allows users to search their Inbox and other mail folders (including tasks, contacts, and notes) by sender, recipient, subject, and content.

Public and Private Address Books

MDaemon - WorldClient - Contacts

WorldClient allows users to create multiple personal and public address books, allowing users to share some contacts while keeping others private.

Calendar with Free/Busy Integration

MDaemon - WorldClient - Calendar

Manage your appointments and important dates with the built-in calendar with free/busy integration. Use the Scheduling feature to add multiple appointment attendees while avoiding scheduling conflicts.

Calendar View: Side-by-Side, Lists, and More

MDaemon - WorldClient - Side-by-Side Calendar View MDaemon - WorldClient - List Calendar View

The "WorldClient" and "Lookout" themes include the ability to display calendars by year, month, week, day, list, or side-by-side for easier viewing.

Tasks (To-Do Lists)

MDaemon - WorldClient - Tasks (To-Do Lists)

The Tasks list allows you to keep track of your important to-do lists. The intuitive task list display allows you to keep track of task progress, status, and due dates. Tasks can be prioritized by level of importance, and notes can be entered for each task. Tasks can further be marked as private and assigned to different categories as needed.

Share and Manage Documents

MDaemon - WorldClient - Share and Manage Documents

Document sharing has been added to provide a central repository for documents to be accessed and shared by designated users. Document folders have full ACL (access control list) controls that can be used to set permissions and sharing rules (e.g., read only, edit, or full control). All file types can be shared through the system. Improved search capabilities make it easy to search shared documents by file name for easy retrieval, review, and attachment to new messages.

Contacts and Distribution Lists

MDaemon - WorldClient - Contacts

WorldClient's Contacts and Distribution List management settings allow quick access to all personal and public address books.

WorldClient for Mobile

MDaemon - WorldClient - WorldClient for Mobile

The WorldClient Mobile theme allows MDaemon users to access their Email, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks & Notes on their smartphone or tablet. The Mobile theme is optimized for smaller screens and has Mail Forwarding options.

Email Notification with WorldClient Instant Messenger

MDaemon - WorldClient - Email Notification with WorldClient Instant Messenger

The included WorldClient Instant Messenger plug-in can run in the background and check your account for new mail by querying the server directly, thus eliminating the need to open a browser or keep one open to check your email. It also displays a list of your mail folders and the number and type of messages that each one contains (new, unread, and read). It can be set to launch WorldClient and immediately display a specific mail folder, the first unread message, the compose page, or your calendar page.

Automatic Address Book Synchronization

MDaemon - WorldClient - Address Book Synchronization

WorldClient Instant Messenger can be used to provide two-way address book synchronization between MDaemon Mail Server and the Outlook/Outlook Express address book on each user's local computer. Thus, if you use both Outlook or Outlook Express and MDaemon's WorldClient (Web-Based Email) at different times, the address books will match in both products.

Easily Connect to Dropbox

MDaemon - WorldClient - Dropbox Support

WorldClient users can save message attachments directly to their Dropbox accounts and attach files directly from Dropbox when composing a message.

Installing Instant Messaging from WorldClient

MDaemon - WorldClient - Installing Instant Messaging from WorldClient

WorldClient Instant Messenger is available for download directly from within WorldClient and is installed on the individual's local computer. It is pre-configured for the specific user when downloaded thus limiting the need to configure it manually.

Inline Image Support in HTML Messages

MDaemon - WorldClient - Inline Images

WorldClient supports adding inline images in composed HTML messages. There are four ways to add an image to a message composed in WorldClient.

  • In the HTML editor, click the Image toolbar button and select the upload tab.
  • In the HTML editor, click on the Add image toolbar button.
  • Drag and drop an image into the HTML editor with Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 and above.
  • Copy and paste an image from the clipboard into the HTML editor with Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 and above.

Email Templates

MDaemon - WorldClient - Email Templates

You can use the Email Templates feature to create pre-written common messages, or regularly used blocks of text to insert into messages. There are many uses for email templates, for example, if you frequently use email drafts for commonly sent responses, or commonly used sets of instructions.

Fax Within WorldClient

MDaemon - WorldClient - RelayFax Network Fax Manager Integration

RelayFax Network Fax Manager enables faxes to be sent directly from within WorldClient's "Lookout" theme, to leverage web-based faxing capabilities, and more. ("Lookout" theme feature only)

Password Maintenance and Recovery

MDaemon - WorldClient - Password Recovery

The password recovery feature allows users to designate a password recovery email address. When a user has forgotten their password, they can click on a "Forgot password?" link which takes them to a page that asks them to confirm their password recovery email address. When this address is entered correctly, a link to a page that allows the user to change their password is sent to that address. Also a drop-down list of strong password requirements is viewable by clicking on the icon next to the "Password" information, and shows up when a user's password change does not meet the requirements.

Default Reply-To Address

MDaemon - WorldClient - Default Reply-To Address

When composing a message in WorldClient, users can designate a Reply-To address that's different from the email address the user is sending from. Replies to outbound messages will be sent to the Reply-To address instead of the address from which the message is sent. A default Reply-To address can be entered and saved so that users do not have to specify the Reply-To address each time they compose a message.

Save Emails

MDaemon - WorldClient - Save Emails

Your emails can be saved and viewed as .eml files.

Desktop Notifications

MDaemon - WorldClient - Desktop Notifications

Desktop notifications allow WorldClient users (using the LookOut or WorldClient theme) to receive notifications of new email messages, new instant messages, and any change in status of a chat buddy.

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