MDaemon Email Server Features

This charts shows what version of MDaemon that new features where introduced in.

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Features For MDaemon Email Server Feature Category Introduced In Version*
Virus/Spam Misclassification Reporting
Email Security 21
ActiveSync Migration Client - Graphical User Interface Email Server 21
Persistent Chat Rooms Instant Messenger 21
MDaemon Webmail - Attach Events via Right-Click Menu
Webmail 21
MDaemon Webmail - Mobile Theme Improvements (Instant Messenger, Dropbox & Other Improvements) Webmail 21
Clustering - Multi-Node Mail Routing Email Server 21
IMAP Filters - Search Message Body Email Server 21
MDaemon Webmail - Search CC Field Webmail 21
Clustering Support
Email Server 20
Compromised Password Check
Email Security 20
MTA Strict Transport Security (MTA-STS)
Email Security 20
Email Security 20
Authentication Failure Log
Email Security 20
Deferred Message Queue for Improved Email Delivery Performance
Email Server 20
Centralized Email Signature Management
Email Server 19.5
Macro Detection in Email Attachments
AntiVirus 19.5
Redesigned Mobile Theme
Webmail 19.5
Dynamic Screening - Authentication Failure & Frozen Account Reports Email Security 19
Domain-Specific SSL Certificates - Support for Separate SSL Certificates for Each Domain Email Security 19
Expired Session Notification Webmail 19
Saved Searches - "All Unread" and "All Flagged" Webmail 19
Email Signatures - Signature Macros Email Server 18.5
Location Screening - Exemptions for Webmail when Two-Factor Authentication is Used Email Security 18.5
Integrated Instant Messaging Webmail 18.5
Single Installer - for All Licensed Features Email Server 18
DNSSEC - Enhanced Security to Avoid DNS Attacks Email Security 18
Remember Me Remote Administration 18
Set Security Features to their Recommended Settings Remote Administration 18
Email Encryption - MDaemon PGP Encryption in Message Compose Window Webmail 18
Message Snooze Webmail 18
Calendar Sharing - Publish Calendar to a Public URL Webmail 18
Remember Me Webmail 18
Text-to-Speech Webmail 18
Mailbox Scanning AntiVirus
Exempt Known Devices from Location Screening ActiveSync
Complex IMAP Filters Email Server 17.5
Attachment Support for Calendars, Contacts, Tasks, and Notes Email Server 17.5
Manage MDaemon Connector Client Settings - Add-In Settings Email Server 17.5
Location Screening Email Security 17.5
Dynamic Screening Email Security 17.5
OpenPGP - Automated Encryption Key Exchange Email Encryption 17.5
Message Search Remote Administration 17.5
Complex Filters Webmail 17.5
Address Books - Import & Export Groups/Distribution Lists To/From a Contact Folder Webmail 17.5
Contact Sharing - Export a Contact in vCard 4.0 Format Webmail 17.5
Voice Recorder Webmail 17.5
Folder Management Webmail 17.5
Buddy List Grouping Instant Messenger 17.5
Password Protected Chat Rooms Instant Messenger 17.5
Password Controls - Store Passwords using Non-Reversible Encryption Email Security 17
Let's Encrypt Support Email Security 17
Queue Search Remote Administration 17
Dropbox Support Webmail 17.5
Message Scheduling (Send Later) Webmail 17
Search - Advanced Search Options (Search all mail folders or all sub-folders) Webmail 17
Calendar - Share in iCalendar/Webcal Format Webmail 17
Contact Sharing - vCard Support Webmail 17
Multiple Email Signatures Webmail 17
Desktop Notifications - Tasks and Events Webmail 17
Allow Embedded Images from Trusted Senders Webmail 17
Automatic Updates Email Server 16.5
Manage MDaemon Connector Client Settings Email Server 16.5
OpenPGP - Public Key Management Email Encryption 16.5
Message Tags to Identify and Confirm Authenticity Webmail 16.5
Message Categories Webmail 16.5
Automatic Updates Webmail 16.5
Third-Party Chat (XMPP) Client Support Instant Messenger 16.5
ActiveSync Migration Client Email Server 16
CardDAV Support Email Server 16
XML API for Complimentary Applications Email Security 16
Spambot Detection Email Security 16
Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) Webmail 16
CalDAV Support Email Server 15.5
Do Not Disturb Email Server 15.5
OpenPGP - Server-Side Email and Attachment Encryption Email Encryption 15.5
Password Recovery Webmail 15.5
Desktop Notifications Webmail 15.5
IPv6 Support Email Server 15
Account Manager - Filtering Options Email Security 15
Password Control - Insecure Password Storage Notifications, Option to Require all Accounts with a Weak Password to Change their Password, and Weak Passwords Report Email Security 15
Queue Management - "Bad Queue Reason" Column when viewing the Bad Message Queue Remote Administration 15
Active Session Viewer Remote Administration 15
Email Encryption - Email and Attachments Webmail 15
64-Bit Version System Requirements 15
Mailing Lists - Mailing List Subscription Reminders, Option to Replace FROM Header with List's Email Address, List-ID Support, Support for List-Post, List-Subscribe, List-Unsubscribe, List-Help, List-Owner, List-Archive Mailing List Headers, and Remove Duplicate Recipients when Message Sent to Multiple Mailing Lists Email Server 14.5
Documents Folder File Restrictions Email Server 14.5
Email Authentication - DMARC (Domain-Based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance) Email Security 14.5
Password Control - Minimum Length Requirement Email Security 14.5
SSL and TLS - TLS 1.1 & 1.2 Support (Support for additional ciphers for "Perfect Forward Secrecy" or PFS) Email Security 14.5
Email Attachments - Sortable, Searchable, and Printable Webmail 14.5
Save email as .eml file Webmail 14.5
Mail Forwarding Options in Mobile Theme Webmail 14.5
Permissions for sharing Sub-Folders Webmail 14.5
Calendar View option to Display Events in List Format Webmail 14.5
Strong Password Requirements Menu Webmail 14.5
Default Reply-To Address Webmail 14.5
Limit Number of Devices by User ActiveSync
Server-Side Mail Searching ActiveSync
Account Manager Icons Remote Administration 14
Queue Management Remote Administration 14
Outbreak Protection Remote Administration
Auto-Responder Settings Remote Administration 14
Webmail Server Settings Remote Administration 14
"WorldClient" Theme Webmail 14
Side-by-Side Calendar Views Webmail 14
Inline Image Support in HTML Webmail 14
Shared Folder Support1 ActiveSync
Message Recall Email Server 13.6
Colorized Session Logs Remote Administration 13.6
HTML Editor for Domain Signatures / Exclaimers Remote Administration 13.6
Remote Device Soft Wipe1 Remote Administration
Remote Device Soft Wipe1 ActiveSync
Public Folder Access1 ActiveSync
Sessions Window1 ActiveSync
Account Grouping and Templates with Automatically-Configured Settings Email Server 13.5
Attachment Linking - Outbound Attachments Email Server 13.5
Colorized Session Logs Email Server 13.5
Performance Counters Email Server 13.5
Public Folder Manager Email Server 13.5
Password Settings and Restrictions Email Security 13.5
Support for Multi-Languages Instant Messenger 13.5
ActiveSync 2.5, 12.1, 14.0, and 14.1 Protocols1 ActiveSync
Password Expiration, Password Complexity Level, Maximum Attachment Size, Require Alpha-Numeric Password, Require Device Encryption, Disable Camera, and Several Other Policy Options1 ActiveSync
Device Whitelists and Blacklists1 ActiveSync
Forgetting Inactive Devices1 ActiveSync
Microsoft Outlook 2013 and Windows 8 Mail Support2 ActiveSync
Simple Message Ticketing System Email Server 13
IMAP "COMPRESS" and "Binary" Email Server 13
Hijacked Account Detection Email Security 13
Traffic and Mailbox Charts Remote Administration 13
Custom Branding Webmail 13
Share and Manage Documents Webmail 13
Drag and Drop Attachments Webmail 13
ActiveSync - Over-The-Air (OTA) Synchronization of Individual Email, Calendar, Contacts, and Tasks on iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry (OS 10) Smartphones1

One Simple Management Console for Mobile IT Policies for Domain Level Device Policy Management, Customizable Device IT Policies, Password Assignments / Resets, and Remote Device Wiping1
Autodiscovery Service1 ActiveSync
Spam Filter: Whitelists - Per Account Email Security 12.5
Attachment Linking - Attachment Storage, Retrieval on Demand, and Quick Mobile Message Downloads Email Server 11
Email Notification of Attempted Violations of Account Restrictions Email Server 11
Domain Sharing (Split Domain to Multiple Servers) Email Server 10
Unlimited Mail Delivery Schedules Email Server 10
Vouch-By-Reference (VBR) Message Certification Email Security 10
Handicap Accessible Reader Webmail 10
User Configurable Time Zone Webmail 10
Account Grouping Email Server 9.6
Account Validation Using Minger Server Email Security 9.6
Custom Mail Queuing Email Server 9.5
Backscatter Protection Email Security 9.5
Active Directory Monitoring Email Server 9
Mailing Lists - Active Directory Email Server 9
Sender Policy Framework (SPF) and Sender ID Email Security 9
Spam Filter - AntiSpam Runs as Separate Process (MDSpamD) Email Security 9
Zero-Hour Virus Outbreak Protection AntiVirus
MDaemon Remote Administration - Web-Based Admin Tool Remote Administration 9
Calendar with Free / Busy Server Webmail 9
Unicode UTF-8 Output Webmail 9
Wireless Access to Email, Contacts, Calendar, and Tasks Using IMAP Mobile Device Management 9
Greylisting Email Security 8.1
Queue Management System Email Server 8
Holding Queue for Errors Email Server 8
DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) - Signing and Verification Email Security 8
Inline Virus Scanning AntiVirus
Spam Filter - SpamAssassin 3 Email Security 8
Notes Webmail 8
Tasks Webmail 8
Custom Plug-In Support 3rd Party Software 8
Reverse Lookups - Detect Spoofed Email Addresses Email Security 7.1
Mailing Lists - ODBC Email Server 7
Signature Files - Account & Domain-Based Email Server 7
Password Controls - Strong Passwords Email Security 7
Spam Filter - Whitelists Email Security 7
Spam Filter - Automatic Update Service Email Security 7
Spam Filter - Spam Honeypots Email Security 7
"Mobile" Theme Webmail 7
SSL / TLS / StartTLS Email Security 6.8
Calendar - Meeting Requests with Automatic Updates of Attendees Email Server 6.7
Bandwidth Throttling Email Server 6.7
Groupware Functionality - Folders for Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, Notes and Documents with Public / Private Folder Sharing Email Server 6.7
Outlook Support - Email, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, Notes and Documents with Public / Private Folder Sharing Connector for Outlook
Tarpitting Email Security 6.5
Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Support Webmail 6.5
Shared Calendar and Scheduling Email Server 6
SMTP Screening - Dynamic DoS, Dictionary, and Brute Force Attack Detection and Prevention Email Security 6
Automatic IP Screening   6
Host Screening   6
Attachment Linking - Attachment Compression Email Server 5
Attachment Linking - Attachment Restriction Email Server 5
Automatic Contact (Address Book) Synchronization Webmail 5
Instant Messenger - Closed secure IM with: Chat, Group Chat, Buddy List, File Sharing, New Mail Notification, and Logging Instant Messenger 5
DomainPOP Email Server 4
SMTP Authentication Email Server 4
Folder Sharing Email Server 4
Pruning - Automated Old Mail and Inactive Account Deletion Email Server 4
Domain Gateway - Automatic Gateway Creation When Used in a Backup MX Role Email Server 4
LDAP - Account Database Backend Support Email Server 4
On-Demand Mail Relay (ODMR) Email Server 4
Reverse Lookups Email Security 4
IMAP - Server-Hosted Public and Shared Folders with Access Control Lists (ACL) Mobile Device Management 4
IMAP - Mail Filtering Rules Mobile Device Management 4
ODBC - Account Database Backend Support Email Server 3
Multiple Mail Domains Email Server 3
User Account Import / Export Email Server 3
Low Disk Space Alert Notifications Email Server 3
Content Filtering Email Security 3
Spam Filter - Blacklists: DNS Email Security 3
Spam Filter - Bayesian Learning and Heuristic Message Scoring Email Security 3
Spam Filter - Heuristic Message Scoring Email Security 3
Recurrent Pattern Detection (RPD) AntiVirus
IMAP Mobile Device Management 3
Account Restrictions Email Server 2
POP Before SMTP Email Security 2
Anti-Relaying Email Security 2
Trusted IPs and Hosts Email Security 2
MDaemon Webmail - Access to Email, Contacts, and Calendar Webmail 2
Delivery of Mail Directly to Recipients' Mail Server or to Your Smart Host Email Server 1
SMTP, POP3, and MuliPOP Email Server 1
Easy to Backup and Restore Via Flat File Structure Email Server 1
Mailing Lists - Digests, Subscribe/Unsubscribe Support, Moderator Options, Post-Only / Read-Only Access, and Archiving Email Server 1
Account Quotas Email Server 1
Aliases with Wildcards Email Server 1
Automatic Mail Forwarding Email Server 1
Configurable Mail Port, Protocol Timeout, and Session Inactivity Values Email Server 1
Configurable Storage Locations Email Server 1
Out-Of-Office Auto-Responder Email Server 1
Real-Time Session Activity Logging Email Server 1
SMTP Greeting "Site Policy" Email Server 1
Spam Filter - Blacklists Email Security 1
IP Shielding Email Security 1
IP Screening and Address Suppression Email Security 1
Simplified (On / Off) Message Archiving to Public Folders or to Designated Email Address(es) Email Archiving 1
  1. For devices that support this feature.
  2. Does not support shared calendars, public and shared folders, or notes.
  3. Certain management, security or wireless synchronization features may not be available in all markets; please refer to product release notes.