Introducing MDaemon 18

Like all MDaemon releases, the developers at MDaemon Technologies continue to add new customer requested features and enhancements. Here is a quick overview of just some of the features end users and IT administrators will find helpful. A more comprehensive list of all new features and enhancements can be viewed in the MDaemon Email Server Release Notes.

MDaemon 18

Email Server - Single Installer for all Licensed Features

The MDaemon download/install file now includes all former plug-ins which are now "licensed features" of MDaemon that require a separate license key [Learn More].

Email Security - Enhanced Security to Avoid DNS Attacks

MDaemon - Email Security - DNSSEC

DNSSEC is a technology that digitally signs DNS data so that you can be assured that it’s valid. It was created to combat man-in-the-middle attacks that are possible in the DNS system. These types of attacks can lead to users being directed to a hijacker’s own deceptive website in an attempt to collect personal data. To help ensure MDaemon does not become a victim of these attacks, it is now capable of requesting DNSSEC be used when available.

Remote Administration - Set Security Features to their Recommended Settings

MDaemon - Remote Administration - Set Security Recommended Settings

If you have adjusted MDaemon's security settings over time and are unsure of the best settings for optimal security, you can now set each security feature to its recommended setting with a single mouse click in MDaemon Remote Administration.

Remote Administration & Webmail - Remember Me for Easier Access

MDaemon - Webmail - Remember Me for Easier Access

Remote Administration & Webmail users can enable the Remember Me feature to automatically login without having to enter a username and password. The Remember Me duration can be configured by the administrator for up to 365 days.

Webmail - Simplified Email Encryption

MDaemon - Webmail - Email Encryption

When composing a message, MDaemon Webmail users can use the Advanced Options screen to instruct MDaemon to encrypt the message, retrieve their public key, or retrieve the public key of another user (if available). This greatly simplifies the process of sending secure, encrypted email using MDaemon PGP. Click here to learn how to setup Email Encryption for MDaemon

Webmail - Message Snooze

MDaemon - Webmail - Message Snooze

MDaemon Webmail users can snooze emails to temporarily remove them from their inbox until they need them. The user’s email will reappear in the inbox at the configured time, whether it's tomorrow, next week, or when you get home. Snoozed messages can be displayed at any time using the View Snoozed Messages options.

Webmail - Collaboration & Security for Public Calendars

MDaemon - Webmail - Calendar Publishing

MDaemon Webmail users can publish a calendar to a publicly accessible URL for easy sharing and collaboration. For added security, these public calendars can be password protected. To publish a calendar, click the Share Folder icon for your calendar under the Options|Folders menu in MDaemon Webmail, enter an optional display name and password under the Public Access tab, and then click on Publish Calendar. Anyone who has the calendar’s URL and optional password can view it in their browser. More information on how to enable this feature globally or on a per-user basis can be found in the MDaemon release notes.

Webmail - Text-to-Speech

MDaemon - Webmail - Text-to-Speech

When viewing a message in MDaemon Webmail using the WorldClient, LookOut, or Mobile theme, users can click on a button to listen to the message.

NOTE: This feature is currently only supported in Chrome or Firefox.

Antivirus - Mailbox Scanning

MDaemon - Antivirus - Mailbox Scanning

When MDaemon Antivirus is enabled, administrators can now configure a schedule to scan all mailboxes. This allows the detection of any infected messages that may have passed through before any new virus definitions were created to detect the latest threats.

ActiveSync - Exempt Known Devices from Location Screening

MDaemon - ActiveSync - Exempt Known Devices from Location Screening

An option has been added to allow a previously known device to bypass location screening when connecting via MDaemon ActiveSync. Administrators can enable this option to allow users to continue to access their account from locations that are configured to have their authentication attempts blocked.

Other Improvements

  • MDaemon Webmail – In the LookOut and WorldClient themes, PIM attachments can now be added to Contacts, Tasks, and Notes.
  • MDaemon Webmail – An option was added to MDaemon Webmail that allows users to decide how to handle the original message when replying to or forwarding a message. The options are: Do not include, Attach, Include, Include and Indent, Prefix. Whether using MDaemon Webmail on a computer or a mobile device, this feature allows users to more easily identity replied-to or forwarded message content.
  • MDaemon Webmail – Now supports custom images for each custom button in the WorldClient and LookOut themes. Custom buttons are configured by an administrator on the MDaemon server. Instructions and additional details can be found in the MDaemon release notes.
  • MDaemon Webmail & Remote Administration - A Terms of Use acknowledgment has been added to the logon page. When Terms of Use is required, users will not be able to login without checking a box.
  • Remote Administration - Learn Spam and Learn Non-Spam buttons have been added to all Queues. These buttons can be used to feed spam and non-spam messages to the Bayesian Learning system to help train the spam filter to be more accurate.

MDaemon 17.5

Email Server - Complex IMAP Filters

MDaemon - Email Server - Account IMAP Filters

The IMAP filters found within the account editor for each account have been expanded. With complex IMAP filters, administrators can set multiple filtering parameters based on the message size or the contents of any message header, and perform actions such as moving, deleting, forwarding, or redirecting the message.

Email Server - Attachment Support for Calendars, Contacts, Tasks, and Notes

MDaemon - Email Server - Calendar Meeting Attachment

Attachments can now be added to Calendar items, Contacts, Tasks, and Notes via Webmail, MDaemon Connector, or your favorite CalDAV or CardDAV client. When scheduling a meeting, attachments added to calendar events will be sent to all meeting attendees.

Email Server - Control Outlook Add-Ins for MDaemon Connector Users

MDaemon - Email Server - MDaemon Connector Add-In Settings

Administrators can now choose which Outlook add-ins are allowed or disabled for MDaemon Connector users via a new configuration screen located under the Setup | MDaemon Connector menu in MDaemon. This feature requires MDaemon Connector for Outlook 5.0 or newer. Please see the MDaemon release notes for more information.

Email Security - Location Screening

MDaemon - Email Security - Location Screening

New Location Screening settings allow administrators to block incoming SMTP, POP, and IMAP connections from designated countries. This benefits businesses by allowing them to block messages from countries with which they do not do business, and provides an extra layer of spam protection when certain countries are known sources of spam.

Email Security - Dynamic Authentication Failure Screening

MDaemon - Email Security - Dynamic Authentication Failure Screening

MDaemon's new Dynamic Screening features can be configured to track authentication failures for all protocols, including SMTP, POP, IMAP, Webmail, and ActiveSync (among others). After receiving a specified number of failed authentication attempts from a given IP address in a designated period of time, subsequent connections from the IP are blocked for a specified period of time.

Note: Existing features previously located under the Dynamic Screening configuration screen have been moved to Security | Security Settings | SMTP Screen.

Email Encryption - Automated Encryption Key Exchange

MDaemon - Email Encryption - Automated Encryption Key Exchange

An option has been added that allows the process of exchanging public keys for OpenPGP to take place during the SMTP message delivery process. When this feature is enabled, authorized users will no longer need to manually send their public key to another user from whom they wish to receive encrypted email. More information on this new process can be found in the MDaemon release notes.

Remote Administration - Message Search

MDaemon - Remote Administration - Message Search

A new Message Search page has been added to MDaemon Remote Administration, allowing administrators to search a single user's messages based on keywords in the sender, recipient, subject, or attachment name. Searches can be performed on all messages, or only messages within a specified date range.

Webmail - Complex Filters

MDaemon Webmail - Complex Filters

Complex filters have been added to Webmail, MDaemon's web-based email client, allowing users to specify filtering rules based on the message size or any message header. Messages meeting a filter's criteria can be moved to another folder, deleted, forwarded, or redirected.

Webmail - Import & Export Groups/Distribution Lists To/From a Contact Folder

MDaemon Webmail - Import Contact Groups

Webmail users can now import and export groups/distribution lists to & from their Contacts folders.

Webmail - Voice Recorder

MDaemon Webmail - Voice Recorder

Webmail's new voice recorder allows users to record voice memos and attach them to email messages, save them to their Webmail Documents folder, or save them to the desktop.

Webmail - New Folder Management Features

MDaemon Webmail - Folder Management

Webmail users can now perform the following folder management tasks without having to go to the Options | Folders menu

  • Move folders from one parent folder to another via drag & drop.
  • Add folders to Favorites via drag & drop.
  • Rename folders in the Favorites list by clicking on the folder name. Show folders by type in the "LookOut" theme (previously only available in the "WorldClient" theme).

Webmail - Export a Contact in vCard 4.0 Format

MDaemon Webmail - Export Contact vCard

Webmail users can now export individual contacts in VCard format, a file format standard for electronic business cards supported by a wide variety of email clients. VCards contain various details about a contact, including name, company name, email address, postal address, phone number, and additional comments. They can be downloaded locally or sent to a designated email address, and then imported into any email client that supports the VCard format.

Instant Messenger - Buddy List Grouping

MDaemon - Instant Messenger - Buddy List Grouping

Instant Messenger users can now arrange their buddy lists into custom groups.

Instant Messenger - Password Protected Chat Rooms

MDaemon - Instant Messenger - Password Protected Chat Rooms

For added security, Instant Messenger users can now chat with others via password protected chat rooms. When creating a new chat room via the Instant Messenger application, simply enter the password that is required to join in the new Password field.

Other Improvements

  • By default, messages that cannot be scanned by MDaemon AntiVirus are quarantined. The antivirus quarantine exclusion settings have been improved. In previous versions, administrators could configure exclusions from antivirus scanning based on attachment file type. Now, administrators can also configure antivirus scanning exclusions based on the sender or recipient address.
  • When using the "LookOut" and "WorldClient" themes, Webmail users can now reorder favorite folders by dragging and dropping them in the favorites list.
  • When using the "WorldClient" theme, the look of Notes has been updated. An option was added that allows users to change the color of the note by clicking on the note icon in the top left corner of the note.
  • When using the "LookOut" and "WorldClient" themes, Webmail users can now search for attachment names using advanced search.