Introducing MDaemon 21

Like all MDaemon releases, the developers at MDaemon Technologies continue to add new customer requested features and enhancements. Here is a quick overview of just some of the features end users and IT administrators will find helpful. A more comprehensive list of all new features and enhancements can be viewed in the MDaemon Email Server Release Notes.

MDaemon 21 New Features

New Graphical User Interface for the ActiveSync Migration Client

The ActiveSync Migration Client has been updated with a graphical user interface for simplified migration from other mail servers that support ActiveSync.

Virus/Spam Misclassification Reporting for Improved Filtering Accuracy

A right-click popup menu option was added to the Quarantine, Bad Queue, and Spam Trap queue screens in the MDaemon console and Remote Administration to report improperly classified spam or non-spam messages to as false negatives or false positives. The messages will be analyzed and passed along to third-party vendors for corrective action.

Persistent Chat Rooms in MDaemon Instant Messenger

MDaemon Instant Messenger now supports persistent chat rooms, which do not need to be recreated every time all users leave the room.

MDaemon Webmail - Mobile Theme Improvements (Instant Messenger, DropBox and More)

The MDaemon Webmail Mobile Theme includes a variety of new features, including the MDaemon Instant Messenger client, auto-complete, saved search folders, Dropbox integration features, message threading, scheduling assistant, and much more.

MDaemon Webmail - Attach Events via Right-Click Menu

Users can now attach an event to a new email via the right-click menu in the LookOut and WorldClient themes, and from the event preview in the Mobile theme.

MDaemon Webmail - Search CC Field

The Advanced Search feature now includes the ability to search within the CC field.

Clustering - Multi-Node Mail Routing

MDaemon’s clustering service now includes multi-node mail routing, where mail queues are shared between the cluster nodes. Having multiple servers process and deliver the messages allows them to split the work more evenly and prevents messages from being stuck in the queues of any servers that are down. SSL certificates are replicated from the primary to secondary nodes.

Improved IMAP Filters

IMAP filtering rules can now search within the message body for particular text.