MDaemon Developers

MDaemon Technologies welcomes third-party developers wishing to learn how to develop MDaemon plug-ins, promote your third-party solutions, and much more. Contact us directly with any questions concerning our developer programs.

MDaemon API and Plug-ins

You know the power of the MDaemon suite of communication products. You can leverage that power to deliver a third-party solution to your customers. MDaemon's API and Plug-in infrastructure takes care of the administration and user interface, and lets you provide the functionality your customers need. The solution becomes a seamless component of MDaemon, and you can focus on functionality, not overhead.

Developers can access the API by downloading the latest version of MDaemon. The plug-in API ships with MDaemon 8.0 and later.

MDaemon Plug-ins

Our website dedicates a page for presenting plug-ins and third-party applications. Is your application good enough to feature to thousands of MDaemon customers? Email your MDaemon Technologies' representative for more information.

RelayFax Network Fax Manager

Visit SourceForge for information on the RelayFax open source project.