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SecurityGateway for Email's high catch rate for external email threats will stuff the spam back in its can and provide flexible admin controls and reports to help you better understand your email traffic patterns.

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"We have been using SecurityGateway for more than 2 years now. One of the best features of the SecurityGateway product is its detailed logging. It is easy to install and configure (even I can do it), and has been 100% reliable so far (24/7 uptime for over 2 years)." - ajstadlin

"If you are looking for a SPAM filter gateway product then look no further!!! This is a #1 awesome product. SecurityGateway is simple to use, yet powerful..." - dealsy!

"its an awesome software, i was using it with mdaemon since 3 years, its spam protection is great, although its previous versions was little bit slow and not so good as this version, i am using version 4.1.2, also it helps us in reducing the spam and AV in the emails very nice..." - Muhammad Bilal