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Reliable Email Server, Email Security, Email Encryption, Email Archiving, Mobile Device Management, Remote Administration, Webmail, Instant Messenger, and Exchange Migration in one download. Designed for SMBs with on premises, virtualized, or hosted deployments.

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The current version of MDaemon Email Server is 17.5.2

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MDaemon (pronounced M-Day-mon) is one of the most widely used Email Servers in the world, trusted by customers in over 90 countries to meet the needs of their small to medium sized businesses. MDaemon is a reliable and secure email server that does not require expensive administration or impose high per-user costs. It simplifies messaging and collaboration requirements with an intuitive, user-friendly design offering enterprise-class features that can be managed with minimal training and support.

MDaemon Email Server




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UC Server


Office 365
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Microsoft Exchange Standard


Based on 100-user license, and publicly-available pricing as of September 2017. Pricing comparison note: MDaemon includes features at no cost (e.g., archiving, instant messaging, etc.) that may be offered by its competitors for additional cost. In such cases, those additional costs have been included to create more accurate product price comparisons.

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Email Server Features

MDaemon - Email Server

MDaemon Email Server supports IMAP, SMTP, and POP3 protocols and delivers solid performance from its feature-rich and user-friendly design. The email server software delivers low total cost of ownership (TCO) value designed to meet the needs of small- to medium-sized business customers. MDaemon is available in multiple languages and supports mailing lists, content filtering, multiple domains while offering flexible administration and an open standards design.
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Email Security Features

MDaemon - Email Security

MDaemon incorporates multiple layers of security techniques such as Relay Controls, IP Shielding, SMTP Authentication, and reverse lookups to minimize possible server exploits. It uses the advanced email authentication techniques of Vouch By Reference (VBR), and validates and signs messages using DKIM, DK, Sender-ID, and SPF. Combined with its antispam engine, Bayesian Learning, SSL/TSL, backscatter protection, and SecurityPlus for MDaemon's proactive malware prevention it provides layered protection to safeguard your messaging communications.
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Email Encryption Features

MDaemon Email Encryption

MDaemon allows you to encrypt your emails and attachments. On the client-side, MDaemon Webmail users can enable basic encryption features when sending emails and attachments within the Webmail settings menu. On the server-side, Open PGP for MDaemon has been added to give administrators the ability to use encryption, decryption, and basic key management capabilities through OpenPGP support.
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Email Archiving Features

MDaemon - Email Archiving

MDaemon's integrated email message archiving capabilities make it easy to safeguard your email messages to address regulatory requirements and the IT policies of your business.
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Mobile Device Management Features

MDaemon - Mobile Device Management

Looking for wireless access to email, calendar, contacts, or tasks using your mobile device? MDaemon works with many popular mobile devices so that regardless of platform, you will have access to your important information wherever you are.
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Remote Administration Features

MDaemon - Remote Administration

MDaemon includes a convenient Remote Administration tool that provides administrators full access to all of MDaemon's features from any computer with a web browser and an Internet connection. This allows you to do everything from adding or editing accounts, to directly editing configuration files, to reviewing logs for troubleshooting email delivery issues, and so much more. With MDaemon's built-in SSL capabilities, remote admin can even be accessed via a secure connection using HTTPS.
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Webmail Features

MDaemon Webmail

MDaemon Webmail is easy to use and offers all of the features needed by small-to-medium business customers. It provides groupware collaboration for sharing email folders, calendars with free/busy scheduling, contacts, distribution lists, tasks, and notes. Offering desktop email performance from wherever you are with Internet service and a web browser.
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Instant Messenger Features

MDaemon Instant Messenger

MDaemon Instant Messenger is a Closed Instant Messaging desktop client (app), included free with MDaemon, that provides highly secure Instant Messaging (IM), logging, file sharing, group chat, address book synchronization, and an email notification tray applet to provides quick access to MDaemon Webmail's features.
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Exchange Migration Features

MDaemon - Exchange Migration

Moving from one email server to another typically poses a significant challenge but MDaemon Email Server makes it simple. The integrated MDMigrator feature, included with MDaemon, is designed specifically to migrate your data from Exchange to MDaemon with a few simple steps that will have you up and running on MDaemon with minimal downtime.
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