(FAQ) How do I set-up ActiveSync on my Windows Mobile 6 device?

This article explains how to synchronize a Windows Mobile 6 device with an MDaemon user's email, calendars and contacts, without the need for third party software.

ActiveSync Implementation Requirement

WARNING: When you enable ActiveSync for MDaemon the first time:

  • It will wipe your existing contact and calendar data and replace it with your MDaemon data. Therefore, be sure you have a complete back up of your device before synchronizing the first time. You can consult your device’s manual for instructions on how to back up your device.
  • All first time syncs with ActiveSync will be a one way sync from the server to the device! After the initial syncronization, the sync will become two way.
  • ActiveSync is a web-service extension, and will not work if your web- server (such as WorldClient) is not running on port 80 (for http) and/or port 443 (for https). ActiveSync will not work on other ports.
  1. Start ActiveSync on your device

  2. Touch set up your device to sync with it

  3. Enter your Email address (example: user01@example.com)
  4. Uncheck Attempt to detect Exchange Server Settings automatically
  5. Touch Next

  6. Enter your Server address (example: domain123.example.com)
  7. Depending on your WorldClient server settings (with or without SSL), you may need to uncheck The server requires an encrypted (SSL) connection(enabled by default on most devices).Note
        : If you uncheck
    The Server requires an encrypted (SSL) connection
        , you will receive a warning message: '
    You are choosing to sync without a secure connection. This may put your password and personal data at risk.
        ' Click
  8. Touch Next

  9. Fill in the following fields:
    • Enter User name: The 'mailbox' portion of your email address (example: user01)
    • Enter Password: Your password
    • Enter Domain: The 'domain' portion of your email address (example: example.com)
    • Leave Save password selected to allow automatic synchronizations in the future.
  10. Touch Next
  11. Optional: If you would like to control the date range of the items loaded to the mobile device.
    1. Touch Settings
    2. Select period of time you would like synchronized
    3. Touch ok

  12. Touch Finish

  13. The initial synchronization will start immediately, wait for it to finish

  14. Touch Menu

  15. Touch Schedule

  16. Adjust peak times to fit your schedule.
    Note: The less often you synchronize the longer your battery will last.

  17. Touch ok
  18. Touch the X to close ActiveSync, synchronizations will happen automatically in the background based on your schedule.

  19. Below are example images of a successful connection and the synchronization status display.

Additional Comments

ActiveSync for MDaemon will operate on a 30-day trial basis. To continue using this service, there is a one-time licensing fee. For more information, please visit our website, www.altn.com or your local distributor or reseller.

If you run ActiveSync under IIS, you MUST call our ActiveSync DLL when requested.

The device operating system (OS) and models may vary. If your device OS or model varies from this article, please contact your provider for further assistances.

You can bind WorldClient’s web server to these IP address(s)/ports by going to KBA-02289.

To purchase ActiveSync, please visit http://www.altn.com/Purchase/ActiveSync/