MDaemon 13.5.x: Configuring performance monitors to monitor MDaemon in real time

Performance counters have been implemented to allow monitoring software to track MDaemon's status in real time. There are counters for the number of active sessions for the various protocols, number of messages in the queues, server active / inactive states, session and message statistics, and MDaemon up time.

For 32-bit Operating Systems:

  1. Launch the Control Panel
  2. Select Administrative Tools
  3. Select Performance
  4. Select the Add button
  5. Select MDaemon within the Performance object drop down menu
  6. Select and Add the counters which will be monitored
  7. Select Close

For 64-bit Operating Systems:

  1. Select Start button
  2. Select Run
  3. Type in what is bold only mmc /32 perfmon.msc
  4. Press Enter
  5. Expand Monitoring Tools
  6. Select the Add button
  7. Expand MDaemon in the counter window
  8. Select and Add the counters which will be monitored
  9. Select OK