MDaemon 13.5.x: Retaining copies of mail sent and received

This article describes how to create an archive copy of all inbound and outbound mail.

To archive to the MDaemon Public Folders: 

  1. Select Setup.
  2. Select Server Settings
  3. Select Archiving
  4. Configure the options as desired in the Archive to public folders section of the window:
    • To save a copy of all messages bound for local users to the public folder,check Archive inbound mail.
    • If you wish to sort archived messages by the sending or receiving address, check either ... archive based on sender address or ... archive based on recipient address.
    • To save a copy of all messages sent from your server to remote addresses to the public folder, check Archive outbound mail.
    • If you wish to have separate sub-folders for each domain you have setup in MDaemon, check Provide separate archives for each MDaemon domain.
  5. Click OK.

To archive inbound and outbound mail to specific email address or addresses

  1. Select Setup.
  2. Select Server Settings 
  3. Select Archiving
  4. Select Send copies of all inbound and outbound mail to these addresses.
  5. Enter the address of either a local MDaemon account or a remote address.
  6. Select the box Include local mailing list messages if desired. 
      NOTE: You may not want to archive list mail if you have a high volume of mail, because of the additional disk space and processing load required.
  7. Check the option for Include MultiPOP collected messages if desired.
  8. Check the option for Insert '(Archive Copy)' into message Subject header if desired.
  9. Select OK.

Note that if you are using MDaemon Pro, you may also archive messages to a public folder.