MDaemon 13x: Setting up secondary domains in MDaemon

MDaemon's support for multiple domains is built around the concepts of a 'default' domain and one or more 'extra' domains. MDaemon maintains local mailbox directories for all accounts within the default and all extra domains.

  1. Click Setup
  2. Click Domain Manager
  3. Click New Domain
  4. In the New domain name: field, type a secondary domain name (ex: example.com)
  5. In the FQDN for this host field, type in the Fully Qualified Domain Name for the extra domain (ex: mail.example.com)
  6. In the Domain IPfield, type in the IP address for this domain (ex:
    • Note: If this domain is accepting connecting on the same interface as MDaemon's primary domain, place this IP address in the field. If this domain is accepting connections on a different interface, place that IP address in the field.
  7. If this secondary domain must be bound to a specific IP address, check the Bind listening sockets to this IP option (typically not necessary)
  8. Select Enable AntiVirus if you want SecurityPlus for MDaemon to scan messages for this domain
  9. Select Enable AntiSpam if you want MDaemon's spam filter to scan messages for this domain
  10. If you have any more domains to add, repeat steps 3-8
  11. Click OK