MDaemon 13x: Configuring Simple Message Ticketing System

Use this to configure simple message ticketing system. 

Simple message ticketing system requires MDaemon Pro.  This system allows public folders to be configured as a message ticketing public folder.  If this is enabled for a public folder, MDaemon will add the public folder name and a unique identifier to the subject of messages sent to the submission address of the public folder.  Any outbound messages having this specially formatted subject will have the From address changed to the submission address of the public folder and a copy of the outbound message will be placed into a child public folder named 'Replied To'.  In addition, any inbound messages with this specially formatted subject will be automatically redirected to the public folder, regardless of the address the message was sent to.

The public folder type must be a mail folder and a submission address has to be selected in order for the option to be selected.

  1. Select Setup
  2. Select Default Domains / Servers
  3. Expand Public and Shared Folders
  4. Select Folder listing and ACLs
  5. Select the public mail folder or create a new one
  6. Select a Submission address
  7. Check Append ticket number to messages sent to this public folder
  8. Select Apply
  9. Select OK

Additional Comments

In order for local accounts to submit messages to the ticketing address and have the message be routed to the public folder, the account must have Post permissions on the ticketing folder.