(FAQ) MDaemon 12.x: How can I configure multiple MDaemon servers to share the same domain?

How can I configure multiple MDaemon servers to share the same domain?

MDaemon 10.x introduces a feature known as Domain Sharing. This allows multiple MDaemon servers to use the same domain name and forward mail between these servers if an incoming message is addressed to a user that exists on one of the other servers. MDaemon will query the other servers listed in the Domain Sharing settings (using the Minger protocol) to verify the recipient's address is a valid user on one of those servers. Once the message is accepted, it is then sent to the correct server via SMTP. 

Note: Domain Sharing is only available in MDaemon Pro. 

To enable Domain Sharing, do the following from the MDaemon console. 

  1. Click on the Setup menu
  2. Click on Default Domain / Servers...
  3. Click on Domain Sharing along the left pane
  4. Check the box next to Enable Domain Sharing
  5. In the Host or IP box enter the address of an MDaemon server with which you are using Domain Sharing
  6. If you are using a non-standard Minger port (4069) change the entry in the Minger port box
  7. If you are requiring a password for Minger queries on that server, enter it in the Minger password box
  8. Click Add 
  9. Repeat steps 6-9 for any other MDaemon servers with which you are using Domain Sharing

Note that this requires the Minger service on all the MDaemon servers in use to be activated. To activate Minger, follow these steps: 

  1. Click on the Accounts menu
  2. Choose Account Settings... 
  3. Click on the Minger option on the left pane
  4. Check the box next to Enable Minger server
  5. If you wish to use a non-standard port for Minger queries, change the entry in Listen for Minger connections on this UDP port
  6. If you wish to require a password for queries, select Minger queries require a shared secret
  7. Enter the password in the appropriate box
  8. Click OK

Additional Comments

MDaemon will also query any servers listed under the Domain Sharing settings for local accounts and incoming messages sent from local accounts if they are not listed in the current server's database.

This article refers to MDaemon 10.x and above. For information on how to resolve this in previous versions, please see the link below.

Note: You can append a colon and port (i.e mail.example.com:2525), if you wish to use a specific, non-default port when sending SMTP messages to the host (this is not the same as the Minger port). The option to set this up is under, Setup > Default Domain & Servers > Domain Sharing tab > Host or IP section.

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