(FAQ) MDaemon 12.0.x : Can I use the SQL Server Express 2005 as an account database for my users?

Can I use the SQL Server Express 2005 (that is included with MDaemon Pro BlackBerry Edition) as an account database for my users?

You can use the SQL Server that is included with MDaemon as an account database for your users. However, this will require you to create a new database within the MDAEMON instance the installer creates.

Note: The following procedure is not supported by Alt-N Technical Support. 

Preparing the SQL database:

  1. Download and install Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express
    1. Download the appropriate (standard or x64) version from the Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express website
    2. Double click on the downloaded SQLServer2005_SSMSEE.msi installer
    3. Click Next
    4. Accept the license terms
    5. Click Next
    6. Enter name/company name as needed
    7. Click Next
    8. Click Next
    9. Click Install
    10. Click Finish
  2. Launch Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express
    1. a. Click the Start menu
    2. b. Click All Programs
    3. c. Open Microsoft SQL Server 2005
    4. d. Launch SQL Server Management Studio Express
  3. Connect to Server
    1. a. Server Name: Your server should be selected by default
    2. b. Authentication: Windows Authentication (the default)
    3. c. Click Connect
  4. Right-Click on Databases
  5. Click New Database…

  6. Type the database name of your choice within the Database name: field

  7. Click Ok (This will create a database with the name you specified in step 6)

Configuring an ODBC database within MDaemon:

  1. Start MDaemon
  2. Click the Accounts menu
  3. Click Account Settings…

  4. Click Account Database

  5. Select Store account data in an ODBC accessible store

  6. Click Configure next to the ODBC store option

  7. Click New DSN

  8. Click Machine Data Source Tab

  9. Click New

  10. Select System Data Source (Applies to this machine only)

  11. Click Next

  12. Select SQL Server driver

  13. Click Next

  14. Click Finish (will launch another wizard)

  15. Type the Name you would like to use to refer to the data source

  16. Type the Description of the data source

  17. Type the Server you wish to connect to (By default will be $MachineName$\MDaemon)

  18. Click Next

  19. Click Next

  20. Enable Change the default database to, and select the database you created in step 6 (First Section)

  21. Click Next

  22. Click Finish

  23. Acknowledge the ODBC Microsoft SQL Server Setup dialog box, and Click OK

  24. Click Ok

  25. Select the data source we created and named in step 15.

  26. Click Next

  27. Click Run a script to create the necessary tables…

  28. Click Browse

  29. Select AccountsDB-SQLServer.sql

  30. Click Open

  31. Click Run script and create database tables now

  32. Acknowledge the MSOdbc dialog box and click Ok

  33. Click Close

  34. Click Finish

  35. Click Ok (This will launch a MigrateUsers dialog box)

  36. Acknowledge the Migration Results dialog box and click Ok

  37. Acknowledge the MDaemon dialog box and Click Ok to restart MDaemon