MDaemon 12.0.x - Moving MDaemon with BlackBerry Enterprise Server to the same path on a new machine

The following directions will help you move MDaemon v12.0.x with BES without losing configurations or users.

Note: Before completing this procedure, please ensure you have an up to date back up of the BES database.

Note: To avoid having SRP issues, please ensure you shut down the MDaemon server or BlackBerry services before you launch MDaemon on the new machine.

In order to move MDaemon to a new machine you cannot have MDaemon running as a service.

To remove the MDaemon service:

  1. Click the Setup menu
  2. Click Preferences

  3. Click Windows Service
  4. Click Remove Service
  5. Click OK to Service was successfully removed dialog

  6. Click OK

Deactivate MDaemon, and if using, SecurityPlus.

To deactivate MDaemon:

  1. Click the Help menu
  2. Select Activate Your Alt-N Software
  3. Click Deactivate Your MDaemon Software…

  4. Click Next

  5. Click Finish

    Repeat these steps for SecurityPlus, if installed, under Deactivate Your SecurityPlus software...

  6. The next steps will stop all MDaemon, and BES traffic (This is necessary to avoid any conflicts with the new server):
    1. Click Setup
    2. Click BlackBerry Device Management…
    3. Click Options under BlackBerry Enterprise Server
    4. Enable Stop BlackBerry services when MDaemon stops
    5. Enable … also stop SQL “MDaemon” database service
    6. Click Ok
    7. Click File
    8. Click Stop MDaemon

Open Windows Explorer and navigate to your MDaemon directory.

  1. Make a backup of the entire directory and make a note of the directory where you currently have MDaemon installed.
  2. Copy the entire MDaemon directory from the old machine to the new machine.

  3. On the new machine, Open Windows Explorer and navigate to the \MDaemon\ directory.
  4. Rename \MDaemon\BES\ to \MDaemon\BES.old

Download the same version of MDaemon that you were previously using.

Install MDaemon. Be sure to use the same directory as the previous machine when installing MDaemon on the new machine. (Note: Currently, all MDaemon paths must remain in the same path as the old machine if you had previous BlackBerry devices activated. If you need to change the paths, we recommend that you do not restore the BlackBerry BES database and reactivate all your BlackBerry devices.)

Note: You will need to reinstall the BES components on the new server. Within the installation wizard there is an option to install the BES components. Verify that you have this option enabled and continue with the installation wizard.

Start MDaemon:

  1. Click Start
  2. Click Programs
  3. Click MDaemon
  4. Click Start MDaemon

Activate MDaemon on the new machine:

  1. Click the Help menu
  2. Select Activate Your Alt-N Software
  3. Click Activate Your MDaemon Software…

  4. Use the Activation Wizard to activate MDaemon.

From the MDaemon console:

  1. Click the Setup menu
  2. Click Preferences

  3. Click Windows Service
  4. Click Install Service

  5. Click OK to Service installation successful dialog

  6. Click OK


Additional Comments

These instructions also apply to moving to a new operating system.

If Outlook Connector or SecurityPlus are installed on the old machine you will need to download and install them after MDaemon is completely moved over. Your settings for each of those programs are are in the MDaemon files copied to the new machine. No configuration should be necessary one the software is installed on the new machine.

If you are changing the IP addresses in addition to moving MDaemon, the files MDaemon.ini, Domains.dat, and/or Gateways.dat will need to be updated with the new IP address(es). They are located in the MDaemon\App directory.

If you are using a third party SSL certificate, that certificate will need to be exported from the Windows Certificate Store and moved to the new machine as well in order to continue using it. The above process will not move it for you.

Archived versions of MDaemon may be found at http://archive.altn.com.